Systems Analysis and Design (Shell...

11th Edition
Scott Tilley + 1 other
ISBN: 9781305494602



Systems Analysis and Design (Shell...

11th Edition
Scott Tilley + 1 other
ISBN: 9781305494602
Textbook Problem

What is object-oriented analysis, and what e some advantages of this method?

Program Plan Intro

Object-oriented analysis and its advantages.

Program Description Answer

Approach of analyzing system using objects is known as object-oriented analysis.

Program Explanation

Object-oriented analysis is based on objects and their interaction with the system. Objects can be any identifying entity such as a person, machine, place or any transaction which interacts as a group.

When one buys a product from market then customer, product, shopkeeper, the company all interact with each other and thus they are distinctive objects. Object−oriented analysis is an approach to analyze the system through its group of objects and their functions to create an object model. Object model is a system based on object and its interactions in the form of functions.

Advantages of object-oriented analysis:

  • Focus is on object or data and not on procedures or functions.
  • Effective in utilizing concepts of data encapsulation and data hiding.
  • It develops modules which can be easily reused and can be upgraded from smaller modules to large modules.

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