Database Systems: Design, Implemen...

11th Edition
Steven + 8 others
ISBN: 9781285196145



Database Systems: Design, Implemen...

11th Edition
Steven + 8 others
ISBN: 9781285196145
Textbook Problem

What is normalization?

Program Explanation


The process used to minimize data redundancy and dependency in a relational database is known as normalization.

  • The database table is divided into two or more tables and defines the relationship between those tables.
  • If the modifications, deletion or updates occur in one table, the other tables in database get updated by just propagating it.
  • In a relational database, the tables with no redundant data and less null values are considered as efficient table.
    • This is because, having redundant data and more null values increases the storage space and wastage of memory is imminent.
    • Null values cause a problem for data integrity and produces more error in the database.
  • If the wasted storage space and null values which cause data integrity hazards are minimized, a highly optimized relational database can be designed.
  • The project team should consider using normalization when designing the database, which is the best source to optimize data storage efficiently; this is because, it reduces the data storage space and provides data integrity.
  • There are three types of normal forms.
    • First normal form (1NF)
    • Second normal form (2NF)
    • Third normal form (3NF)

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