A Guide to SQL

9th Edition
Philip J. Pratt
Publisher: Course Technology Ptr
ISBN: 9781111527273
Chapter 6, Problem 8RQ
Textbook Problem

How do you use the COMMIT and ROLLBACK commands to support transactions?

Program Plan Intro


  • SQL stands for “Structured Query Language”.
  • The current version of SQL is “ANSI SQL – 92”.
  • SQL is not a programming language. It is text-based and it is also called as data sublanguage.
    • In order to get SQL as a complete programming language, it should be included in scripting languages like Java, C#, and so on.
  • It contains constructs which are used to define and process database. They are executed using DBMS-supplied command prompt.
  • Some of the DBMS products provide GUI tools in order to perform tasks are as follows:
    • SQL Server
    • Oracle Database
    • MySQL

 Transaction Control Language (TCL):

  • These statements are used to control transactions. The commands of TCL are: Commit, Rollback, and Savepoint.


The “commit” keyword is used to save the recently inserted columns in the table and current transaction.

  • It also makes permanent changes performed in the transaction.
  • It comes under the control transactions commands.


  • The “ROLLBACK” command can only be used to reverse transaction since last “ROLLBACK” or “COMMIT” command was supplied.
  • The “ROLLBACK TRANSACTION” is used to reverse update that have not already been saved to the database in the SQL server.

Explanation of Solution

 Use of “COMMIT” and “ROLLBACK” commands to support transaction:

  • Before going to start the updates for a transaction, commit any earlier updates by executing the “COMMIT” command and then complete the updates for the transaction...

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