Systems Analysis and Design (Shell...

11th Edition
Scott Tilley + 1 other
ISBN: 9781305494602



Systems Analysis and Design (Shell...

11th Edition
Scott Tilley + 1 other
ISBN: 9781305494602
Textbook Problem

Select a specific vertical to investigate. Visit local computer stores and use the Internet determine what software packages are available. Describe the features of two packages.

Program Plan Intro

Investigate two vertical application packages and describe their features.

Program Explanation

Vertical applications are the software packages which are built according to specific business needs to meet their unique requirements. They need not be developed specially for any organization as there are a whole lot of generic vertical applications available. Example of vertical application packages are library information system, Hospital management systems, Employee system, Student information system, etc.

Vertical application for healthcare includes functionalities such as patients management, doctors management, IPD, OPD, drugs prescription, managing healthcare regulations, reducing error in communication between doctor and patient, using latest technologies for patient satisfaction and organization good, maintaining security of data, etc...

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