Enhanced Discovering Computers 201...

1st Edition
Misty E. Vermaat + 4 others
Publisher: Cengage Learning
ISBN: 9781305657458

Enhanced Discovering Computers 201...

1st Edition
Misty E. Vermaat + 4 others
Publisher: Cengage Learning
ISBN: 9781305657458


Chapter 7, Problem 7PS
Textbook Problem

Projector Resolution Issue You are preparing for a meeting in your company’s conference room and have connected your laptop to the projector. When the projector displays the information from your laptop screen, the resolution drops significantly and not everything fits on the screen. What steps can you take to correct this problem?

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Chapter 7 Solutions

Enhanced Discovering Computers 2017 (Shelly Cashman Series) (MindTap Course List)
Ch. 7 - List methods and devices for using pen input....Ch. 7 - Explain how hand-writing notes during class could...Ch. 7 - Define the term, motion input. Describe how the...Ch. 7 - Name hardware and devices used for voice and audio...Ch. 7 - Outline steps involved in using DV technology.Ch. 7 - List steps for setting up and using a webcam.Ch. 7 - Explain what occurs during a videoconference and...Ch. 7 - Outline steps to secure your privacy when using a...Ch. 7 - Describe types of scanners and reading devices.Ch. 7 - A(n) ______ code stores information that can...Ch. 7 - List guidelines for safely scanning QR codes.Ch. 7 - Explain why a retailer would use RFID technology,...Ch. 7 - List guidelines to protect your credit card from...Ch. 7 - Describe how a bank uses MICR technology.Ch. 7 - Give examples of data collection devices and...Ch. 7 - Define the term, output. List types and methods of...Ch. 7 - Define the terms, display and monitor. Describe...Ch. 7 - List steps to connect a laptop to an external...Ch. 7 - Differentiate among LCD, CCF, LED, TFT, OLED, and...Ch. 7 - Describe how display quality is determined. Define...Ch. 7 - Explain the purpose of the GPU. List and describe...Ch. 7 - Describe the technologies used by HDTV. Explain...Ch. 7 - List steps to stow media on a Smart TV from a...Ch. 7 - Explain safety issues surrounding hardware...Ch. 7 - Describe orientation options for printouts....Ch. 7 - Explain how an ink-jet printer works, and describe...Ch. 7 - Explain how resolution affects printer quality.Ch. 7 - Explain how a photo printer uses PictBridge.Ch. 7 - Outline steps for printing from a smartphone or...Ch. 7 - Compare the price and quality of laser printers to...Ch. 7 - Describe the following printer types: all-in-one,...Ch. 7 - Explain how computers and mobile devices use...Ch. 7 - Differentiate among headphones, earbuds, and...Ch. 7 - Define the term, data projector. Differentiate...Ch. 7 - Describe uses of interactive whiteboards and...Ch. 7 - List types of assistive technologies for input and...Ch. 7 - Explain issues surrounding payment for assistive...Ch. 7 - Explain how the finance field uses technology.Ch. 7 - CAPS LOCK and NUM LOCK are two examples of toggle...Ch. 7 - Keylogging software runs undetected and stores...Ch. 7 - Wearable devices mainly rely upon touch input.Ch. 7 - A smaller frame rate results in a smaller file...Ch. 7 - Optical character recognition (OCR) and optical...Ch. 7 - Many retailers do not believe RFID is an...Ch. 7 - A data collection device reads and scans data from...Ch. 7 - In terms of response time, the lower the number,...Ch. 7 - Contrast ratio defines a displays width relative...Ch. 7 - Every electronic device emits some level of...Ch. 7 - Printer resolution is measured by the number of...Ch. 7 - A dye-sublimation printer uses heat to transfer...Ch. 7 - Which of the following is not an example of a...Ch. 7 - A(n) _____ is an input device that contains...Ch. 7 - _____ read hand-drawn marks, such as small circles...Ch. 7 - LCD displays typically produce color using _____...Ch. 7 - _______ displays use organic molecules that are...Ch. 7 - _________ orientation refers to a printout that is...Ch. 7 - How many subwoofers would a 7.2 speaker system...Ch. 7 - command a. a type of 2-D bar code that stores...Ch. 7 - keyboard shortcut a. a type of 2-D bar code that...Ch. 7 - touchpad a. a type of 2-D bar code that stores...Ch. 7 - multi-touch a. a type of 2-D bar code that stores...Ch. 7 - voice recognition a. a type of 2-D bar code that...Ch. 7 - scanner a. a type of 2-D bar code that stores...Ch. 7 - QR code a. a type of 2-D bar code that stores...Ch. 7 - graphics processing unit a. a type of 2-D bar code...Ch. 7 - headset a. a type of 2-D bar code that stores...Ch. 7 - interactive whiteboard a. a type of 2-D bar code...Ch. 7 - What are some examples of data?Ch. 7 - What are some commonly used input methods?Ch. 7 - What happens when you press a toggle key?Ch. 7 - What steps can you take to detect keyboard...Ch. 7 - What are some types of keyboards?Ch. 7 - How does an optical mouse differ from a touch...Ch. 7 - How does a stylus differ from a digital pen?Ch. 7 - Who might use a graphics tablet?Ch. 7 - What are some disciplines in which motion input is...Ch. 7 - What is meant by the term, morphing?Ch. 7 - How does a video call differ from a...Ch. 7 - What steps should you take to secure a webcam?Ch. 7 - How do OCR and OMR devices differ?Ch. 7 - What do bar codes represent?Ch. 7 - What guidelines should you follow to use a QR code...Ch. 7 - What are some uses of RFID?Ch. 7 - What is contained in an RFID tag?Ch. 7 - What are the four basic types of output?Ch. 7 - What are some advantages and a disadvantage of...Ch. 7 - On todays displays, what is the range for nits?Ch. 7 - What are commonly used nonimpact printers?Ch. 7 - If your mobile device does not support wireless...Ch. 7 - What types of businesses use a dye-sublimation...Ch. 7 - Why might a user prefer a DLP projector LCD...Ch. 7 - What does the Americans with Disabilities Act...Ch. 7 - Should schools and companies be required to pay...Ch. 7 - Assistive Technologies You have just purchased a...Ch. 7 - Smart TV Issues You are watching a movie on your...Ch. 7 - Touch Gestures Not Working You are using the...Ch. 7 - Dim Screen While using your laptop, the screen...Ch. 7 - Malfunctioning Earbud While listening to music on...Ch. 7 - Printer Problem You are attempting to print on a...Ch. 7 - Projector Resolution Issue You are preparing for a...Ch. 7 - Fingerprints Not Recognized To increase security,...Ch. 7 - Access Denied Your company uses security badges...Ch. 7 - Monitors Reversed You have two monitors on your...Ch. 7 - Technology in Finance Technology enables...Ch. 7 - Compare and contrast at least three apps that can...Ch. 7 - Compare and contrast at least three websites or...Ch. 7 - List at least three places you remember seeing QR...Ch. 7 - What reasons might you have for wanting to trim a...Ch. 7 - What type of device do you use to record videos?...Ch. 7 - Compare and contrast at least three programs or...Ch. 7 - What are some applications you can use to view PDF...Ch. 7 - In addition to saving paper, what are some other...Ch. 7 - What are at least three reasons why you may need...Ch. 7 - Why might you want to use a third-party program or...Ch. 7 - If you take a screenshot of an entire screen but...Ch. 7 - What types of photos or videos do you share with...Ch. 7 - Research the potential privacy risks associated...Ch. 7 - Why might individuals want to share photos and...Ch. 7 - Making Use of the Web Health and Fitness More than...Ch. 7 - Social Media Aspiring musicians have turned to...Ch. 7 - Security The Office of Cyber and Infrastructure...Ch. 7 - Cloud Services Virtualization (IaaS) An online...Ch. 7 - Bar Codes versus RFID You work as an efficiency...Ch. 7 - Carpal Tunnel Syndrome While attending college for...Ch. 7 - Case Study Amateur Sports League You are the new...

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