Intermediate Algebra

10th Edition
Jerome E. Kaufmann + 1 other
ISBN: 9781285195728



Intermediate Algebra

10th Edition
Jerome E. Kaufmann + 1 other
ISBN: 9781285195728
Textbook Problem

For Problems 73 78 , the situations can be described by the use of linear equations in two variable. If two pairs of values are known, then we can determine the equation by using the approach we used in Example 2 of this section. For each of the following, assume that the relationship can be expressed as a linear equation in two variables, and use the given information to determine the equation. Express the equation in slope-intercept form. (Objective 2 and 5)

Two banks on opposite corners of a town square had signs that displayed the current temperature. One bank displayed the temperature in degrees Celsius and the other in degrees Fahrenheit. A temperature of 10 ° C was displayed at the same time as a temperature of 50 ° F . On another day, a temperature of 5 ° C was displayed at the same time as a temperature of 23 ° F . Let y represent the temperature in degrees Fahrenheit and x the temperature in degrees Celsius.

To determine

To find:

The slope-intercept form for the given information.



One bank displayed the temperature 10°C at the same time other bank displayed temperature 50°F.

Another day the bank displayed the temperature 5°C at the same time other bank displayed temperature 23°F.

The variable y represents the temperature in degrees Fahrenheit and x represents the temperature in degrees Celsius.


Standard form of a linear equation is given by,


Where B and C are integers, and A is a non-negative integer.

Slope-Intercept Form of an equation is,


Formula Used:

Slope of line is given by,


Point-Slope Form of an equation is,


Where m is the slope of the line and b is the y intercept of the line.


Consider the given points as,


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P-28CRSect-7.CR P-29CRSect-7.CR P-31CRSect-7.CR P-32CRSect-7.CR P-33CRSect-7.CR P-34CRSect-7.CR P-35CRSect-7.CR P-36CRSect-7.CR P-37CRSect-7.CR P-38CRSect-7.CR P-39CRSect-7.CR P-40CRSect-7.CR P-41CRSect-7.CR P-42CRSect-7.CR P-43CRSect-7.CR P-44CRSect-7.CR P-45CRSect-7.CR P-46CRSect-7.CR P-47CRSect-7.CR P-48CRSect-7.CR P-49CRSect-7.CR P-50CRSect-7.CR P-51CRSect-7.CR P-52CRSect-7.CR P-53CRSect-7.CR P-54CRSect-7.CR P-55CRSect-7.CR P-56CRSect-7.CR P-57CRSect-7.CR P-58CRSect-7.CR P-59CRSect-7.CR P-60CRSect-7.CR P-61CRSect-7.CR P-62CRSect-7.CR P-63CRSect-7.CR P-64CRSect-7.CR P-65CRSect-7.CR P-66CRSect-7.CR P-67CRSect-7.CR P-68CRSect-7.CR P-69CRSect-7.CR P-70CRSect-7.CR P-71CRSect-7.CR P-72CRSect-7.CT P-1CTSect-7.CT P-2CTSect-7.CT P-3CTSect-7.CT P-4CTSect-7.CT P-5CTSect-7.CT P-6CTSect-7.CT P-7CTSect-7.CT P-8CTSect-7.CT P-9CTSect-7.CT P-10CTSect-7.CT P-11CTSect-7.CT P-12CTSect-7.CT P-13CTSect-7.CT P-14CTSect-7.CT P-15CTSect-7.CT P-16CTSect-7.CT P-17CTSect-7.CT P-18CTSect-7.CT P-19CTSect-7.CT P-20CTSect-7.CT P-21CTSect-7.CT P-22CTSect-7.CT P-23CTSect-7.CT P-24CTSect-7.CT P-25CT

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