Fundamentals of Physical Geography

2nd Edition
James Petersen
ISBN: 9781133606536



Fundamentals of Physical Geography

2nd Edition
James Petersen
ISBN: 9781133606536
Textbook Problem

What effect should these changes in receipt of insolation have on global climates?

To determine

The effect that have on global climates in receipt of changes in insolation.


The distance between the Sun and Earth and the deviation of axis of the Earth from the plane of the ecliptic affects the cyclic changes in the orbit of the Earth. This is known as Milankovitch theory or astronomical theory of climate variation. These orbital cycles result in a regular variation in the solar energy amount that reaches the Earth.

Three different cycles are involved under the Milankovitch cycle. They are the eccentricity cycle, obliquity cycle, and a precession cycle. Eccentricity cycle is the longest cycle that has a 100,000 year modification of the shape of Earth’s orbit around the sun. It causes a shift from an elliptical to a more circular orbit and back. The relationship between the Sun and Earth are affected by these orbital variations. Obliquity cycle is the second cyclic change that denotes a 41,000 year variation in the tilt of Earth’s axis from a maximum of about 24.5 to a minimum of 22

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