27th Edition
WARREN + 5 others
ISBN: 9781337272094




27th Edition
WARREN + 5 others
ISBN: 9781337272094
Textbook Problem

Evaluating internal control of cash

The following procedures were recently installed by Raspberry Creek Company:

  1. a. After necessary approvals have been obtained for the payment of a voucher, the treasurer signs and mails the check. The treasurer then stamps the voucher and supporting documentation as paid and returns the voucher and supporting documentation to the accounts payable clerk for filing.
  2. b. The accounts payable clerk prepares a voucher for each disbursement. The voucher along with the supporting documentation is forwarded to the treasurer’s office for approval.
  3. c. Along with petty cash expense receipts for postage, office supplies, etc., several postdated employee checks are in the petty cash fund.
  4. d. At the end of the day, cash register clerks are required to use their own funds to make up any cash shortages in their registers.
  5. e. At the end of each day, all cash receipts are placed in the bank’s night depository.
  6. f. At the end of each day, an accounting clerk compares the duplicate copy of the daily cash deposit slip with the d epos it receipt obtained from the bank.
  7. g. All mail is opened by the mail clerk, who forwards all cash remittances to the cashier. The cashier prepares a listing of the cash receipts and forwards a copy o f the list to the accounts receivable clerk for recording in the accounts.
  8. h. The bank reconciliation is prepared by the cashier, who works under the supervision of the treasurer.


Indicate whether each of the procedures of internal control over cash represents (1) a strength or (2) a weakness. For each weakness, indicate why it exists.

To determine

Internal control: Internal control is a process which ensures continuous reliability of accomplishment of a company’s objectives, related to operations, financial reporting, and in conformity with laws and regulations.

The following are the internal control principles:

  • Authorizing the responsibility
  • Segregation of duties
  • Documenting and recording transactions
  • Physical controls
  • Periodic independent verification
  • Human resource controls

To indicate:

  1. (1) Whether procedures of internal control over cash represents strength.
  2. (2) Whether procedures of internal control over cash represents weakness.


The internal control procedures a, b, e, and f are the strengths over the cash.


The following are the weakness in the internal control procedures over the cash:

(c)  Employees must be strictly not allowed to use the petty cash fund for personal expenses. Also, post-dated checks should not be accepted.

(d) When the clerks require using their own funds to make the cash shortages in their register, then they attempt to short-change the customers. This is done to avoid any shortages at the end of day. There can also be circumstances, where overage of money may occur. So, further when this occurs regularly, customers will make complaints.
Thus, one needs to report them end of each day and when this becomes a regular issue, then remedial action needs to taken...

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