Accounting Information Systems

10th Edition
Hall + 1 other
ISBN: 9781337619202



Accounting Information Systems

10th Edition
Hall + 1 other
ISBN: 9781337619202
Textbook Problem

Database currency is achieved by

  1. a. implementing partitioned databases at remote sites.
  2. b. a database lockout that prevents multiple simultaneous access.
  3. c. ensuring that the database is secure from accidental entry.
  4. d. an external auditor’s reconciliation of reports from multiple sites.
  5. e. employing data-cleansing techniques.

To determine

Determine how database currency can be achieved.


Database Currency:

Data is an important resource of an organization which can become out dated if not used timely. The need of data currency arises because data is changing rapidly. To ensure the data currency, database currency is used. It helps to provide updated information and prevent the data to become obsolete.


The database currency can be achieved by implementing partitioned databases at their remote locations. Partitioned database is helpful because it ensures that the data can be updated without failure. Therefore, option a is correct.


Database lockout prevents the access of data to multiple users but it does not ensure it’s successful up gradation...

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