Principles of Information Security...

6th Edition
Michael E. Whitman + 1 other
Publisher: Cengage Learning
ISBN: 9781337102063



Principles of Information Security...

6th Edition
Michael E. Whitman + 1 other
Publisher: Cengage Learning
ISBN: 9781337102063
Chapter 9, Problem 14RQ
Textbook Problem

List and describe the four classes of fire described in the text. Does the class of the fire dictate how to control it?

Program Plan Intro


One of the most serious threats to physical security is fire. It is considered as the serious threat because; fire may lead to death for many people. Three elements are required to burn fire. They are Temperature, Oxygen and Fuel.


If fire catches a particular organization, which is free from fire detectors, many workers from that organization will lose their life. In addition, many important documents and assets could be destroyed by fire that cannot be recovered.

Explanation of Solution

Fire suppression system:

Fire suppressor is used to eliminate fire from particular areas. They are of portable and manual types. Mostly portable extinguishers are more efficient for smaller fire. Portable extinguishers are categorized by the type of fire they can defeat. They are:

  • Class A fires
  • Class B fires
  • Class C fires
  • Class D fires
  • Class K fires

Fire suppression system quells fires by eliminating either oxygen or fuel, or it reduces the temperature.

Classes of fires and explanation:

Classes of fires Sources that ignite fire Sources that quells fire
Class A fires “Class A” fires are caused by ignitable fuels like wood, paper, cloth, trash and rubber. They are extinguished by agents, which interrupt the ability of fuel to be ignited like water or dry chemicals.
Class B Fires This type of fire is caused by flammable liquids that may be in the form of gasses, oil, and paint...

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