15th Edition
Sizer + 3 others
Publisher: Cengage Learning,
ISBN: 9781337906371




15th Edition
Sizer + 3 others
Publisher: Cengage Learning,
ISBN: 9781337906371
Chapter 9, Problem 1RQ
Textbook Problem

A diet book that addresses eicosanoids and adipokines can be relied upon to reflect current scholarship in nutrition science and provide effective weight-loss advice.



Summary Introduction


If the statement, ‘a diet book that addresses about eicosanolds and adipokines can be a reliable one’, is true or not.

Concept Introduction:

Every year more and more diet books are released and they hit the shelves. When we go through them, more and more of us get confused about how they should improve our eating habits in the year ahead.

Explanation of Solution

Correct answer:

The correct answer is false.

It is a false statement to rely on the diet book. Diets book that addresses eicosanolds and adipokines many or may not provide accurate information regarding the nutrition science and effective weight loss advice. The adipokines have a network of communication between both the adipose tissue and other organs and are associated with obesity that causes the metabolic syndrome.

Eicosanolds are produced from arachidonic acid which we get from eating foods like animal fats. They have effects such as inflammation, fever promotion, blood pressure regulation, and blood clotting. Another type of eicosanolds is Thromboxanes.


Majority of the dietary books focus on their benefits of selling, rather than providing true weight loss procedures. Though many tips have been provided they may not correlate to the day to day consumption of nutritional value in the food stuffs. In fact the dietary mode cannot be the same for all the individuals. It is because individuals differ in the levels of hormone secretion and their rate of metabolism is unique as well.

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