Fundamentals of Information Systems

8th Edition
Ralph Stair + 1 other
ISBN: 9781305082168
Textbook Problem

Define the term cyberterrorism.” For how long has the threat of cyberterrorism been considered SCf1OUS by the U.S. government?

Program Plan Intro

Define the term "cyberterrorism". Also, to discuss the amount of time the threat of cyberterrorism been considered serious by the U.S. government.

Program Explanation


The word terrorism means a violent activity like loss of life, threaten, stealing of things, etc. The word cyber is a terminology which is related to computers. The cyberterrorism is a technical violent activity. Cyberterrorism uses the Internet as the medium. The Internet is the place where vast information is provided. It hacks or steals data from the other computer user. It sometimes also disrupts a large number of network system by spreading computer viruses, worms, etc.

Cyberterrorism attacks the computers, network system through hacking, or spreading the computer viruses. Computer viruses can also be spread through spam e-mails, visiting malicious websites and so on. Cyberterrorism also affects the cultural, economic, and social life of a system...

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