Management, Loose-Leaf Version

13th Edition
Richard L. Daft
Publisher: South-Western College Pub
ISBN: 9781305969308



Management, Loose-Leaf Version

13th Edition
Richard L. Daft
Publisher: South-Western College Pub
ISBN: 9781305969308
Chapter 9, Problem 4DQ
Textbook Problem

Analyze three decisions you made over the past six months. Which of these were programmed and which were nonprogrammed? Which model—the classical, administrative, or political—best describes the approach you took to making each decision?

Summary Introduction

To Determine:

Which decisions that I took were programmed and non-programmed and which of the decisions were approached based on political, rational and administrative forms.


Programmed decisions- lower level managers make programmed decisions which are usually related to structured problems.

Non-programmed decisions- used for unique and ill structured situations of organizations, both internal and external.

Rational model- this is the classical approach in decision making, this is when objectives are clear, problems are clear, people agree on criteria and weights, they are not biased in recognizing problems.

Administrative model-Decision-making involve the success. To reach the goals, rationality requires the understanding of alternative courses of action. The individual should also have full info and the skill to analyze properly different alternative actions as per goals sought. The desire should be to select the best solution by selecting the alternative which may satisfy the goal success.

Political model- these are decisions based on power, in any historical situation they would be those decisions whose result is a modification of the previously existing power situation.

Explanation of Solution

The three decision making situations that I faced during these 6 months include:

  1. I had to make a choice on purchasing a mobile phone given the option of two brands, apple and Samsung.
  2. I ordered a meal in a restaurant which I have never tested before.
  3. To choose the airline that I needed to take to visit my aunts abroad.

Therefore, out of the above three, 1. Is a programmed decision because the chances of errors that we may make will be less. Since I already have an apple branded phone, I'm well informed about the specifications and quality of both, therefore it's a programmed decision making.

2. is an unprogrammed decision making because I have no idea about how it might taste either...

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Management, Loose-Leaf Version
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