General, Organic, and Biological C...

7th Edition
H. Stephen Stoker
ISBN: 9781285853918



General, Organic, and Biological C...

7th Edition
H. Stephen Stoker
ISBN: 9781285853918
Textbook Problem

Calculate the value of the equilibrium constant for the reaction

N 2 ( g ) + 2 O 2 ( g ) 2 NO 2 ( g )

if the concentrations of the species at equilibrium are [N2] = 0.0013, [O2] = 0.0024, and [NO2] = 0.00065.

Interpretation Introduction


The value of equilibrium constant for the equation has to be calculated.

    N2(g) + 2O2(g)  2NO2(g)

Concept Introduction:

Law of Chemical Equilibrium:

The equilibrium constant is the product of molar concentrations of the product which is raised to its stoichiometric coefficients divided by the product of molar concentrations of the reactant which is raised to its stoichiometric coefficients.

Equilibrium Constant:

Consider a reaction,


    Forward reaction rate Kf= [A]a[B]B

    Backward reaction rate Kb= [C]c[D]d

    At equilibrium, the rate of forward reaction = rate of backward reaction

    Keq=KfKb KfKb=[C]c[D]d[A]a[B]B


        Keq is the equilibrium constant.


The given equation is:

    N2(g) + 2O2(g)  2NO2(g)

The equilibrium constant Keq=[NO2]2[N2][O2]2eq(1)


    [NO2] = 0

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