Principles of Information Systems ...

12th Edition
Ralph Stair + 1 other
Publisher: Cengage Learning
ISBN: 9781285867168



Principles of Information Systems ...

12th Edition
Ralph Stair + 1 other
Publisher: Cengage Learning
ISBN: 9781285867168
Chapter 9.6, Problem 1CTQ
Textbook Problem

What features does CiviCRM share with other CRM systems? What features are unique?

Program Plan Intro


  • CiviCRM is web-based open source software, which is used to handle information about donors, funders, and other organization members.
  • It is designed to fulfill the requirements of non-profit, non-governmental, and sponsorship groups.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM):

  • CRM is defined as a process of integrating the functions of sales of product and marketing in an organization.
  • The main aim of CRM is to help the sales association to plan the relationship development activities that is required to maintain and develop the business.

Explanation of Solution

Features of CiviCRM shared with other CRM systems:

The following features are shared by CiviCRM with other CRM’s.

  • Contact management:
    • It is defined as the ability to track the data about individual customers and sales leads.
    • They also access the data from any location of the organization.
  • Sales management:
    • They have the ability to organize customer’s and sale’s lead data...

Explanation of Solution

Unique features:

The unique features of CiviCRM that are shared among other CRM systems are as follows:

  • They help the organization to relate their customers...

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