What is Personal Financing?

Personal finance is the strategy an individual uses to collect, manage, and use their personal money. Personal financing is an important part of financial management. It helps the person in proper planning and protecting their personal funds to generate maximum returns.

Objectives of Personal Financing for Women

Regardless of gender, personal financing is important for anyone who wants to:

  • Achieve financial targets
  • Earn financial returns
  • Minimize the cost of external borrowing
  • Facilitate the free flow of finances
  • Ensure financial security

Advantages of Personal Financing

  • It provides flexibility in financial flow.
  • It helps a person make effective financial decisions.
  • It saves the expenses of an interest rate.
  • It gives a person more control over their funds.
  • It helps a person maximize their wealth.
  • It provides an opportunity for investing.

Disadvantages of Personal Financing

  • It does not result in an adequate flow of finance.
  • It may result in losses and affect investments.
  • Personal financing alone may not be sufficient to meet a person's financial goals.

Principles of Personal Financing

Prioritization, assessment, and restraint are three principles of personal financing followed by women.
Principles of personal financing
  • Prioritization - Allows people to prioritize their financial activities based on their goals and values.
  • Assessment - Provides an opportunity for people to assess various strategies and types of personal finance.
  • Restraint - Allows people to have complete control over the usage of personal finance.

Stages of Personal Financing

  1. Identify the need for personal finance.
  2. Collect personal wealth.
  3. Manage personal funds.
  4. Protect and grow the funds.
  5. Make financial investments or make investments in assets.

Classification of Personal Financing

The diagram describes about how the personal financing can be divided into three groups - Small term, medium term and long term.
Classification of personal financing
  1. Short-term personal financing is made for a short period.
  2. Medium-term personal financing is made for more than six months but less than one or two years.
  3. Long-term personal financing is made for a long period.

Personal Financing Management

Personal finance management is important for a number of reasons. Successfully managing your personal finances can assist you in reaching your financial goals and in completing other necessary financial processes, such as:

  • Tax planning - Smart financial management can help you take advantage of available tax benefits. Through personal financing management, you can avoid or reduce your tax liability by investing in tax-deductible securities.
  • Retirement planning - Personal financing management can help you make proper retirement planning decisions. Retirement planning ensures a financially secure future.
  • Financial planning - Financial planning helps you determine strategies for collecting and using funds.
  • Savings planning - Personal finance management allows you to make a plan for saving your income to reach large financial goals.
  • Investment planning - Financial management gives you an opportunity to take calculated risks and earn a return on your investments. The time value of money plays a crucial role. Personal financing promotes investment planning in order for your money to grow over time.

Steps of Creating a Personal Financing Plan

  1. Establish your financial goals.
  2. Describe your financial goals.
  3. Create a financial strategy to help you achieve your goals.
  4. Collect relevant information about your finances.
  5. Implement the financial plan.
  6. Take corrective actions by reviewing the results.

Benefits of Personal Financing to Women

Personal financing has the same benefits for women as it does for everyone else. Some advantages of personal financing for women include:

  • Protecting women and their family members by ensuring a secure financial future.
  • Protecting women's household or corporate assets.
  • Helping women meet their debt obligations.
  • Providing an opportunity to develop insurance plans, retirement plans, pension plans, etc.
  • Helping formulate budgets and financial plans to maximize wealth.

How Do Women Manage Personal Finance?

Like anyone else, women manage their personal finance in many different ways:

  • Creating budgets after analyzing revenue and expenses.
  • Making investments in assets, securities, currency, etc.
  • Accumulating savings and building reserves and funds to meet emergency contingencies.
  • Setting financial objectives by properly utilizing the funds.

Many women also use personal finance to establish their own businesses by undertaking risks and maximizing returns. Personal financing helps entrepreneurs to fulfill their business and personal financial goals.

Importance of Personal Finance for Women

Personal finance motivates women to set financial goals and objectives. It also helps them repay their debt liabilities and loans. Successful personal financing allows women to manage all their financial needs and requirements within a specific period.

Financing Patterns Used by Women

  • Using personal savings
  • Borrowing short-term loans from the bank
  • Accepting finance from friends and relatives
  • Using institutional loans such as commercial papers, certificates of deposits, etc.

Women Entrepreneurship and Finance

Finances are the essence of entrepreneurship. Having personal financial wealth can create a sense of independence and freedom for people, including women, to pursue future entrepreneurial endeavors. Many women also use personal finance to promote entrepreneurship skills among other women. They may conduct training and workshops that teach other women entrepreneurs new skills that can help them become financially independent, which requires funds initially.

Many people also use personal finance to produce products and sell them in the market to earn a profit. Funds are needed to pay business debts and meet expenses, purchase machinery, and uphold equipment. Investments in these business expenses help entrepreneurs earn money and maximize wealth. =

Women should consider the period, rate of return, type of financing, nature of investments, work behavior, etc., before making the financial decisions regarding personal financing.

Personal Financing Measures for Women

  • Women should set goals before making big decisions about personal financing and investing.
  • They should track their wealth and income generated from self-financing.
  • They should have proper planning in place regarding financial decisions, such as investment decisions, expense tracking, etc.
  • They should eliminate the misuse of finance in their work and performance.

Long-Term Usage of Personal Financing

  • Personal savings - Personal financing can allow you to establish short-term and long-term savings. These savings can be used to conduct business activities, investing activities, operational activities, wealth creation, etc.
  • Life insurance - Life insurance is a policy that protects a person's dependents after their death. It is also a type of personal financing. Such policies help to protect a person's assets.
  • Personal loans - A personal loan can be a good source of personal financing. It provides flexibility in financial management.
  • Retirement account - Using a retirement account, a person can save funds to be used at the time of retirement. Such funds often do not require paying interest.
  • Credit cards - Credit cards also act as good tools in personal financing. Credit can help finance a person's activities and operations.

Context and Applications

This topic is significant in professional exams for both undergraduate courses and postgraduate courses and competitive exams, especially for:

  • Masters of Business and Administration
  • Masters of Commerce
  • Bachelors of Business and Administration
  • Bachelors of Commerce

Practice Problems

1. Which of the following is personal financing?

a. Personal savings
b. Debentures
c. Bank loans
d. None of the above

Answer: a

Explanation: Personal savings are a primary source of personal financing. The correct usage of personal savings is one of the concepts applied in personal finance.

2. Which of the following is not an advantage of personal financing for women?

a. It provides flexibility.
b. It restricts the flow of finance.
c. It provides an opportunity for investments.
d. It helps in financial management.

Answer: b

Explanation: Personal financing does not restrict the flow of finance. It helps women in better fund management.

3. How can personal financing be classified?

a. Short-term financing
b. Long-term financing
c. Medium-term financing
d. All of the above

Answer: d

Explanation: Depending on the period for which funds are available, the three mentioned classifications can be made. Personal finance options can be available with an individual depending on the fund's requirement.

4. Which of the following is a key element of personal financing?

a. Investments
b. Loans
c. Savings
d. a & c

Answer: d

Explanation: Investments and savings are the components of personal finance. When there are savings, the personal finance concepts are applied, and investments are decided.

5. Why do women use personal financing?

a. To meet their financial goals.
b. To increase their debt obligations.
c. To waste financial resources.
d. To generate losses.

Answer: a

Explanation: A woman's financial goals are achieved with the help of personal finance concepts.

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