Automotive Technology: A Systems Approach (MindTap Course List) - 6th Edition - by Jack Erjavec, Rob Thompson - ISBN 9781133612315
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Automotive Technology: A Systems Approa...
6th Edition
Jack Erjavec, Rob Thompson
Publisher: Cengage Learning
ISBN: 9781133612315

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AUTOMOTIVE TECHNOLOGY: A SYSTEMS APPROACH - the leading authority on automotive theory, service, and repair - has been thoroughly updated to provide accurate, current information on the latest technology, industry trends, and state-of-the-art tools and techniques. This comprehensive text covers the full range of basic topics outlined by ASE, including engine repair, automatic transmissions, manual transmissions and transaxles, suspension and steering, brakes, electricity and electronics, heating and air conditioning, and engine performance. Now updated to reflect the latest NATEF MAST standards, as well as cutting-edge hybrid and electric engines, this trusted text is an essential resource for aspiring and active technicians who want to succeed in the dynamic, rapidly evolving field of automotive service and repair.

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Prior to using any cleaning solvent we should always use protective gloves and goggles to prevent...Given Information: Cam lobe wear. Step 1: take camshaft and put in a straight surface, the extended...Staged variable valve timing: Staged valve timing consists of a central camshaft, where the lobes...Given Information: Bolt and adhere. Statement is true because while tightening a wet thread bolt,...The function of a radiator is to transfer heat from the engine to the atmosphere or the air passing...Given: The formula given is E = IR. Concept used: According to Ohm's law at a constant temperature,...The short circuits were also referred as low resistance circuits. If there is any short existing in...A battery is a primary source of electrical power in an auto vehicle. It converts the chemical...Given information: The strength of the magnetic field in an electromagnet increases with an increase...Voltage regulators are used to control and maintain the voltage at a constant level. It regulates...The headlight switch controls the lighting which are the headlights, rear lights, courtesy lights,...Such type of display is called Heads-up Display (HUD). It uses a vacuum fluorescent light via a...The three types of memory used in the computer system are given as follows: 1. RAM (Random Access...Given Information: Adaptive cruise control. Radar principle: Adaptive cruise control works on Radar...Some of the significant differences between an open- and a closed-loop operation are as follows:...The OBD system is an On-Board Diagnosis system. It can be installed in all cars and some light duty...A permanent magnet pickup coil consists of a permanent magnet with fine wire wound around it. The...The stress testing is of three types: Cold testing Heat testing Moisture testing Now, the following...Given information: Pump gasoline may contain a small amount of alcohol. In engines, a permissible...Giver information: Fuel pump ___ is a statement of the volume of the fuel flow from the pump. Fuel...Although both the port fuel injection (PFI) and gasoline direct injection (GDI) uses electronic fuel...The four service precautions for working on the fuel injection system are: To avoid the likelihood...The PSIG is referred to as the pressure readings from a gauge that basically determines the...A small valve opening as PCV is considered as satisfactory to run an engine at idle speed. These...Unburned hydrocarbons are usually, vapors of gasoline that have not been burned during combustion....The belt alternator starter system (BAS) is a commonly used hybrid vehicle system. This system...The most basic and common element of life on earth is carbon. A colorless gas having density sixty...Friction facing can be divided into two parts. They are: Molded friction facing. Woven friction...In a vehicle, the type of drive system helps in determining whether it is a conventional...Proper lubrication is required for longer transmission/transaxle life. The lubrication gear oil...The CV joints are classified in three ways which are: By Position − inboard or outboard. By Design −...In the rotary flow, the fluid flows around the circumference of the torque converter and this due to...Transmission control module (TCM) is designed or programmed in such a way that it receives signals...Low fluid level can be caused due to the following reasons: Low fluid level can be caused by error...Front differential and axle: In a rear wheel drive (RWD), the axle and differential are placed on...Although, there are many factors which lead to premature bearing failure. The five among those are...The stability bar, also known as sway bar, is a metal rod and present in nearly all suspension...The rack and pinion steering operates in a way which helps the wheels in changing its directions....Restraint systems are the systems, contributes in enhancing vehicle safety. These systems are mainly...Camber is defined as the measure of centerline from the roads surface. It is also defined as the...Bleeding is a process performed by the hydraulic braking system to remove the air present in the...There are two methods which are generally used to attach the brake lining and brake shoes. These...The disc brakes are comprised of three assemblies which are hub and rotor assembly, a caliper...The primary difference between the automatic traction control(ATC) system and automatic stability...When there is a change in state of a substance that is the substance becomes liquid from solid or...Firstly, if there is a suspicion of an alternative refrigerant being used due to lower the...

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