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Basic Chemistry (5th Edition) 5th Edition

Basic Chemistry (5th Edition) - 5th Edition - by Karen C. Timberlake - ISBN 9780134138046
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Basic Chemistry (5th Edition)
5th Edition
Karen C. Timberlake
Publisher: PEARSON
ISBN: 9780134138046

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For courses in introductory, preparatory, and basic chemistry.


Engages First Time Chemistry Students.

Basic Chemistry introduces students to the essential scientific and mathematical concepts of general chemistry. With accessible language and a moderate pace, the text is easy-to-follow for first-time chemistry students, as well as those hoping to renew their studies of the subject.


In the Fifth Edition, Bill and Karen Timberlake carefully develop core ideas while relating them to the possibility of future careers. The book guides students through basic chemistry problem solving with engaging visuals and a focus on developing the math skills necessary to be successful in the course. End of chapter questions strategically promote integration of cumulative ideas, allowing students to develop a strong foundation for learning chemistry and encouraging them to continue their studies in the field. The main objective in writing this text is to make the study of chemistry an engaging and a positive experience for students by relating the structure and behavior of matter to real life. This new edition introduces more problem-solving strategies, more problem-solving guides, new Analyze the Problem with Connect features, new Try It First and Engage features, conceptual and challenge problems, and new sets of combined problems.

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