Basic Engineering Circuit Analysis - 11th Edition - by J. David Irwin, R. Mark Nelms - ISBN 9781118539293
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Basic Engineering Circuit Analysis
11th Edition
J. David Irwin, R. Mark Nelms
Publisher: WILEY
ISBN: 9781118539293

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Circuit analysis is the fundamental gateway course for computer and electrical engineering majors. Basic Engineering Circuit Analysis has long been regarded as the most dependable textbook. Irwin and Nelms has long been known for providing the best supported learning for students otherwise intimidated by the subject matter. In this new 11th edition, Irwin and Nelms continue to develop the most complete set of pedagogical tools available and thus provide the highest level of support for students entering into this complex subject.  

Irwin and Nelms’ trademark student-centered learning design focuses on helping students complete the connection between theory and practice. Key concepts are explained clearly and illustrated by detailed worked examples. These are then followed by Learning Assessments, which allow students to work similar problems and check their results against the answers provided. The WileyPLUS course contains tutorial videos that show solutions to the Learning Assessments in detail, and also includes a robust set of algorithmic problems at a wide range of difficulty levels.

WileyPLUS sold separately from text.

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