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BIOLOGY  -LAB.MAN. >CUSTOM< - 12th Edition - by Mader - ISBN 9781259754661
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12th Edition
Publisher: MCG CUSTOM
ISBN: 9781259754661

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The differences between the production of fermented products and other food products are as follows:...Mitotic cyclins binds to mitotic “cyclin dependent Kinases” which results in activation of CDKs...The survival of each and every species depends on adaptation and it causes some “variations in...Pedigree analysis theoretically determine about the transmission pattern of a genetic disease from...When the uncontrolled growth of cell or tumor spreads to other sites inside the body by metastasis,...Epigenetic tags can affect gene expression differently. During DNA methylation, methyl groups are...When genetic markers are used for genetic testing, certain types of nucleotide sequences are...During Darwin’s time, the idea of “the tree of life” was very controversial because genetic basis of...When typhoon occurred in Pingelap Island, only twenty people were able to survive that typhoon. So,...Speciation happens when macroevolution happens. Macroevolution is the culmination of many small...The protein first hypothesis involves the formation of the protein polypeptides which form...Presently, the technique of DNA barcoding has been used by taxonomists and scientists for the...Viruses are “host specific”. They are capable of replicating within the specific living cells such...The protists include the majority of phytoplankton present in the ocean ecosystem. The protists are...The DNA is a double helical genetic structure. The strands of the DNA are linked together with...Glaciologists are those who study glaciers to know about the pre-historic world. With the help of...The drawbacks of planting bamboo for human use are as follow: • A bamboo plant has invasive nature....The chemical energy possessed by water is water potential. Water has a tendency to move from higher...The Arabidopsis thaliana is a better organism to study the developmental biology because: (i) The...About 20,000 species of bees work as a pollinator for plants. Honeybees are the best-known...Insects provide high-quality protein, fatty acids, and other nutrients compared to meat and fish....The most genetically engineered vertebrates for the humans are mice, pigs, and chimpanzees. They are...Consider the classification of primates during evolution. In evolution different levels are given to...Animals are defined as multicellular organism that has complex organs and organ system such as...Atherosclerosis is a condition which occurs when the arteries become narrow due to the deposition of...Human immunodeficiency virus is a group of retrovirus which divides rapidly inside a host cell. It...The different strategies that animals have evolved to efficiently obtain nutrients include: 1. They...The Yale group developed a method to transplant artificially grown lungs in animals. The major...Certain kidney tumors can also result in elevated production of EPO. The increased production of EPO...The side effect of using heroine is that it is addictive. This addiction causes heroine abuse which...The artificial retinal technology is very expensive but it can be a boon for blind people. There are...Explanation for the correct answer: In certain animals, the fluid-filled coelom or the...There are two types of glandular systems: The endocrine glands and exocrine glands. The glands of...There are certain steps that should be taken to prevent and identify the sexually transmitted...One of the main reasons for the occurrence of these defects can be malpractices done by a pregnant...Captivity in case of animals refers in keeping them under control whether the animals may be wild or...The government can use various methods to decimate the numbers of deer by allowing the controlled...Many factors can influence the biodiversity of an island. However, they may lead to reduce the...Yes, one can support the higher use coal fired plants to reduce the use of mercury emission. Mercury...Based on some studies it can be said that extinction or overexploitation of some animals more or...

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