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BIOLOGY:CONCEPTS+INVESTIGATIONS-ACCESS - 3rd Edition - by Marielle Hoefnagels - ISBN 9780077680978
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3rd Edition
Marielle Hoefnagels
Publisher: McGraw Hill
ISBN: 9780077680978


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Book Details

Marielle Hoefnagels’ passion as a classroom instructor is evident in Biology: Concepts and Investigations, an introductory biology textbook written to explain the general concepts of biology at a level of detail that allows students to understand concepts rather than memorize details. New media integration icons, upgraded PowerPoint presentations, new tutorial animations based on textbook art, upgraded Connect question banks, and adaptive technologies like LearnSmart and Smartbook capitalize on the power of technology to enhance student understanding. Key goals of the book are to:•help the student connect the concepts in the book to their everyday lives; •show connections between ideas within the chapter and to material they have already studied; •teach introductory students how to be more active learners.

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Reason for the correct statement: Differential gene expression is responsible for the specialization...Reason for the correct statement: DNA replication is a semi conservative process in which new...Reason for the correct statement: The sexual reproduction involves two different parents. Each of...Reason for the correct statement: The living organism contains DNA as genome in which, genes are...Reason for correct statement: Restriction endonucleases digest a double stranded DNA at specific...Reason for the correct statement: Option c. is given as “They both select for specific traits within...Reason for the correct statement: The formula for the calculation of the half-life of an isotope...Reason for the correct statement: Ernst Mayr, the Harvard biologist defines a biological species as...Reasons for the correct statement: Option d. is given as “CO2 gas appeared in the atmosphere”....Reason for the correct statement: The structures of the virus is simple that lacks the basic...Reason for the correct statement: The prokaryotes have a single DNA strand, lacking histones and...Reason for the correct statement Protista is a eukaryotic unicellular or multicellular organisms...Reason for the correct statement: The plants can obtain and conserve resources by the stomata and...Justify reason for the correct statement: The number of internodes present in phylogenetic tree...Reason for the correct statement: The blastula rearranges itself to develop the gastrula, following...Reason for the correct statement: Reproductive organs are those organs that take part in the process...Reason for the correct statement: The amount of nutrients required by plants is the basis of...Reason for the correct statement: The meiosis is a type of sexual reproduction in plants. Two...Reason for the correct statement: In the organization of human body, the group of cells forms...Reason for the correct statement: The central nervous system consists of spinal cord and brain. The...Reasons for the correct statements: The sensory adaptation is a process in which sensory receptors...Reason for the correct statement The receptor of peptide hormone does not readily pass through the...Reason for the correct statement: The appendicular skeleton bones are used for locomotion in the...Reason for the correct statement The four chambered heart has two chambers which receive...Reason for correct statement: Breathing is the process of exchange of gases that is inhalation of...Reason for the correct statement: The amount of energy needed to regulate each gram of body weight...Reason for the correct statement: The internal temperature regulating mechanism is not present in...Reason for the correct statement: The injury to the blood vessels causes the release of the...Reason for the correct statement: As the sperms reach the oocyte, they show fusion. Out of 100...Reason for the correct statement: Behavior of a person depends on many factors like the interaction,...Reason for the correct statement: Immigration refers to the movement of people into a particular...Reason for the correct statement: Ecological communities are those communities in which an organism...Reasons for the correct statement: Biome consists of a natural vegetation cover with various...Reason for the correct statement: The loss of biodiversity is because of the habitat destruction,...

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