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Business Math (LooseLeaf) 11th Edition

Business Math (LooseLeaf) - 11th Edition - by CLEAVES - ISBN 9780134506395
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Business Math (LooseLeaf)
11th Edition
Publisher: PEARSON
ISBN: 9780134506395

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Book Details

Business Math is a practical and thorough guide for students and small business owners to learn how to manage personal and business finances. The book was written on the premise that everyone needs to understand how to manage money, offering a rare deep dive into topics not always taught in class. A conversational tone, real world examples, and case studies keep complicated topics understandable and engaging.

The 11th Edition starts off by reviewing basic math. It then dives into topics relevant for any career such as mortgages, banking, interest, consumer credit, and more. It also touches on important topics for business owners including payroll, markup, markdown, trade discounts, business statistics and more, as well as topics for those close to business recordkeeping like government agencies, lending agencies, depreciation, inventory and financial statements.

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