Campbell Essential Biology with Physiology (6th Edition) - 6th Edition - by Eric J. Simon, Jean L. Dickey, Jane B. Reece - ISBN 9780134711751
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Campbell Essential Biology with Physiol...
6th Edition
Eric J. Simon, Jean L. Dickey, Jane B. Reece
Publisher: PEARSON
ISBN: 9780134711751

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Explanation: DNA Molecule is called as deoxyribose nucleic acid. It consists of many nucleotides...Reason for correct statement: The control of gene expression makes it possible for cells to produce...Explanation: Recombinant DNA technology is a process that includes transfer of a desired DNA...Explanation: Taxonomy helps in the classification of least inclusive groups into increasing wide...Explanation: The differences among microevolution, speciation and macroevolution are: Microevolution...The reason for the above sequence is as follows: First the life started in sea as aggregation of...Explanation: The cuticle is a waxy layer found in all vascular tissues. The transportation of water...Reason for the correct statement: The bilateral symmetrical animals do have a distinct head end,...Explanation: The levels of ecological study from the least to the most comprehensive are as follows:...Explanation: Size of the area and the number of individual living in that area are the two main...Explanation: Biodiversity is the death of species (plants, humans, or animals) across the world or...Explanation: Epithelial tissues are those that line the exterior of the organs and in this case the...Food vacuoles are a digestive system. The intracellular digestion of food material occur by...Differences between open and closed circulatory system: The closed type of circulatory system is...Explanation: Antigens: In immunity of the body, an antigen is a molecule able to trigger an immune...Reasons for correct statement: Homeostasis is the maintenance of an internal balance. The animal...Rotifers and aphids reproduce both by sexually and asexually or parthenogenetically. For asexual...Reason for correct answer: Option a. is given as “synaptic terminal”. Neurons receive signals by...Reasons for the correct statement: Monocot has one cotyledon, fibrous root, flowers multiple of...The fungi and the plants have a symbiotic association with each other called mycorrhiza. The plant...

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