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College Algebra (2nd Edition) 2nd Edition

College Algebra (2nd Edition) - 2nd Edition - by Robert F. Blitzer - ISBN 9780130878281
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College Algebra (2nd Edition)
2nd Edition
Robert F. Blitzer
Publisher: Prentice Hall
ISBN: 9780130878281

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Book Details

For courses in College Algebra.

This text presents the traditional content of the entire Precalculus series of courses in a manner that answers the age-old question of "When will I ever use this?" Highlighting truly relevant applications, this text presents the material in an easy to teach from/easy to learn from approach.

Relevant Applications--Blitzer presents diverse application topics that will interest students. Topics include among others; cigarette consumption, passion and commitment in humans and online spending trends. Well-constructed, relevant applications peak students' interest by showing them how important math is to their lives on a daily basis.

Exceptionally clear and accessible presentation--Voice balloons allow for more specific annotations in examples.

Further clarifies procedures and concepts for students.

Well-Constructed Examples--No steps are omitted and each step is clearly explained.

Provides students with detailed step-by-step solutions.
Checkpoint Examples--Each example is followed by a similar matched problem for the students to work while reading the material.

Actively involves students in the learning process.

Graphing and Technology--Discusses graphing and graphing utilities in the text's opening prerequisites chapter--Many examples and exercises use graphs to explore relationships between data and to provide ways of visualizing a problem's solution--Graphing utilities are used in technology boxes to enable students to visualize, discover, and explore algebraic concepts--The use of graphing utilities is also reinforced in the technology exercises appearing in the exercise sets for those who want this option.

With the book's early introduction to graphing, students can look at the calculator screens in the technology boxes and gain an increased understanding of an example's solution even if they are not using a graphing utility in the course.

Enrichment Essays--Provide historical, interdisciplinary, and interesting connections throughout the text.

Applications and Real-World Data--Provides more interesting, real-world applications than found in any similar text.

Real-world data brings relevance to examples, discussions, and applications.

Titled Examples--All examples have titles.

Students immediately see the purpose of each example.

Study Tip boxes--Offers suggestions for problem solving, point out common student errors, and provide informal tips and suggestions. These invaluable hints appear in abundance throughout the book.

Extensive and Well-Organized Exercise Sets--At the end of each section. Exercises are organized by level within six category types: Practice Exercises, Application Exercises, Writing in Mathematics, Technology Exercises, Critical Thinking Exercises, and Group Exercises.

Helps instructors easily create well-rounded homework assignments.

Chapter Summaries and Review Exercises--Organized around each section within the chapter.

Chapter Tests--At the end of each chapter, following the comprehensive collection of chapter review exercises.

Gives students the opportunity to see if they are prepared for an actual class test.

Cumulative Review Exercises--At the end of each chapter.

Provides students with the opportunity for continuous review.

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