College Algebra with Modeling & Visualization (6th Edition) - 6th Edition - by Gary K. Rockswold - ISBN 9780134418049
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College Algebra with Modeling & Visuali...
6th Edition
Gary K. Rockswold
Publisher: PEARSON
ISBN: 9780134418049

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Chapter 2.5 - Absolute Value Equations And InequalitiesChapter 3 - Quadratic Functions And EquationsChapter 3.1 - Quadratic Functions And ModelsChapter 3.2 - Quadratic Equations And Problem SolvingChapter 3.3 - Complex NumberChapter 3.4 - Quadratic InequalitiesChapter 3.5 - Transformations Of GraphsChapter 4 - More Nonlinear Functions And EquationsChapter 4.1 - More Nonlinear Functions And Their GraphsChapter 4.2 - Polynomial Functions And ModelsChapter 4.3 - Division Of PolynomialsChapter 4.4 - Real Zeros Of Polynomial FunctionsChapter 4.5 - The Fundamental Theorem Of AlgebraChapter 4.6 - Rational Functions And ModelsChapter 4.7 - More Equations And InequalitiesChapter 4.8 - Radical Equations And Power FunctionsChapter 5 - Exponential And Logarithmic FunctionsChapter 5.1 - Combining FunctionsChapter 5.2 - Inverse Functions And Their RepresentationsChapter 5.3 - Exponential Functions And ModelsChapter 5.4 - Logarithmic Functions And ModelsChapter 5.5 - Properties Of LogarithmsChapter 5.6 - Exponential And Logarithmic EquationsChapter 5.7 - Constructing Nonlinear ModelsChapter 6 - Systems Of Equations And InequalitiesChapter 6.1 - Functions And Systems Of Equations In Two VariablesChapter 6.2 - Systems Of Inequalities In Two VariablesChapter 6.3 - Systems Of Linear Equations In Three VariablesChapter 6.4 - Solutions To Linear Systems Using MatricesChapter 6.5 - Properties And Applications Of MatricesChapter 6.6 - Inverses Of MatricesChapter 6.7 - DeterminantsChapter 7 - Conic SectionChapter 7.1 - ParabolasChapter 7.2 - EllipsesChapter 7.3 - HyperbolasChapter 8 - Further Topics In AlgebraChapter 8.1 - SequencesChapter 8.2 - SeriesChapter 8.3 - CountingChapter 8.4 - The Binomial TheoremChapter 8.5 - Mathematical InductionChapter 8.6 - ProbabilityChapter R1 - Formulas From GeometryChapter R2 - Integer ExponentsChapter R3 - Polynomial ExpressionsChapter R4 - Factoring PolynomialsChapter R5 - Rational ExpressionsChapter R6 - Radical Notation And Rational ExponentsChapter R7 - Radical ExpressionsChapter C - Partial FractionsChapter D - Percent Change And Exponential Functions

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For courses in College Algebra. Showing why math matters. Gary Rockswold doesn't just mention real-world examples; he teaches mathematical concepts through those applications. For example, if we look at Facebook usage over time, what might that tell us about linear growth and predictions? In this way, students learn the concepts in the context of the world they know, which leads to better understanding and retention. From there, the author shows a connection between application, modeling, and visualization. Rockswold is known for presenting the concept of a function as a unifying theme, with an emphasis on the rule of four (verbal, graphical, numerical, and symbolic representations). The 6th Edition emphasizes conceptual understanding with new in-chapter features and assignment options, while at the same time providing tools to empower instructors to make their classroom more active through collaboration and group work.

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