College Physics (10th Edition) - 10th Edition - by Hugh D. Young, Philip W. Adams, Raymond Joseph Chastain - ISBN 9780321902788
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College Physics (10th Edition)
10th Edition
Hugh D. Young, Philip W. Adams, Raymond Joseph Chastain
Publisher: PEARSON
ISBN: 9780321902788

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For courses in College Physics.

Bringing the best of physics education research to a trusted and classic text

For more than five decades, Sears and Zemansky's College Physics has provided the most reliable foundation of physics education for students around the world. New coauthors Phil Adams and Ray Chastain thoroughly revised the Tenth Edition by incorporating the latest methods from educational research. New features help students develop greater confidence in solving problems, deepen conceptual understanding, and strengthen quantitative-reasoning skills, while helping them connect what they learn with their other courses and the changing world around them. New media resources in MasteringPhysics create an unrivalled learning suite for students and instructors.

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We offer sample solutions for College Physics (10th Edition) homework problems. See examples below:
Write the expression for acceleration. a=arr^+aθθ^ Here, a is the acceleration, ar is the radial...The length of the wrench handle and the torque applied on the bolt is directly proportional....Simple harmonic motion is a type of motion in which the restoring force depends on the displacement....When a stretched string is displaced from its equilibrium, it will have two kinds of energy. One is...Write the expression for pressure. P=hρg Here, P is the pressure, h is the height, ρ is the density...Upon heating all the materials expands. This expansion is due to the increase in the average...Write the Ideal gas equation. PV=nRT Here, P is the pressure, V is the volume, n is the number of...Expansion of gas usually results in increase of entropy. But if certain conditions are applied, we...The comb being an electrically charged material causes redistribution of charges on the paper bits...The tangent to the electric field line at a point gives the direction of electric force at that...Power dissipated by the resistors are nothing but heat losses. Power dissipated is additive. This...When a charged particle moves in a magnetic field, it experiences a magnetic force. The magnitude of...According to Lenz law, the direction of induced current is in such a way that it opposes the change...A series R−L−C circuit is an oscillating circuit. The current and voltage in the circuit oscillates...The momentum of the light coming out of flashlight can be calculated using the equation p=E/c . The...Focal length is the distance between centres of the mirror to the focal point, where parallel rays...The incident light is first refracted when it travel from air to glass then it gets refracted when...Young’s Double Slit Experiment is based on Interference of waves. Waves can be any type sound waves,...Write the expression for length contraction, L=L′γ Where, γ=(1−β2)−1β=vc Here, L is the length of an...In photoelectric effect, electrons are ejected from certain metallic surfaces as the electromagnetic...Ground state configuration of the helium atom is given by 1s2 since Helium atom has only two...Isotopes of a particular element are having same number of protons. Different isotopes of the same...

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