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Conceptual Physical Science 5th Edition

Conceptual Physical Science - 5th Edition - by Paul G. Hewitt, John A. Suchocki, Leslie A. Hewitt - ISBN 9780321753342
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Conceptual Physical Science
5th Edition
Paul G. Hewitt, John A. Suchocki, Leslie A. Hewitt
Publisher: Addison-Wesley
ISBN: 9780321753342

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Book Details

Table of Contents

Prologue: About Science.

Part 1: Physics

1. Equilibrium and Linear Motion

2. Newton's Laws of Motion.

3. Momentum and Energy.

4. Gravity, Projectiles, and Satellites

5. Projectile and Satellite Motion.

6. Temperature, Heat, and Thermodynamics

7. Heat Transfer and Change of Phase

8. Electrostatics and Electric Current

9. Magnetism and Electromagnetic Induction

10. Waves and Sound

11. Light

Part 2: Chemistry

12. Atoms and the Periodic Table

13. The Atomic Nucleus

14. Elements of Chemistry

15. How Atoms Bond and Molecules Attract

16. Mixtures

17. How Chemicals React

18. Two Types of Chemical Reactions

19. Organic Compounds

Part 3: Earth Science

20. Rocks and Minerals

21. Geologic Time-Reading the Rock Record

22. Plate Tectonics and Earths Interior

23. Shaping Earths Surface

24. The Oceans, Atmosphere, and Climatic Effects

25. Driving Forces of Weather Part 4: Astronomy

26. The Solar System

27. The Stars

28. Cosmology

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