EBK LIVING IN THE ENVIRONMENT - 19th Edition - by Miller - ISBN 9781337516082
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19th Edition
ISBN: 9781337516082


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In the new edition of LIVING IN THE ENVIRONMENT, authors Tyler Miller and Scott Spoolman continue to work with the National Geographic Society in developing a text designed to equip students with the inspiration and knowledge they need to make a differenc

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Costa Rica has one of the largest biodiversity in the world. It is situated in a tropical location...The first invertebrate animals present on the oceans of the Earth are the jellyfish. They dominated...Food desert can be defined as an urban area, where people have little or limited access to...The Colorado River forms the principal river of the arid southwestern United States and it flows for...The real cost of gold is less than that paid by most of the people. It is due to the fact that the...The oil and gas producers combined two extraction technologies, namely, horizontal drilling and...Driving cars with engines that waste 80% of the money spend on gasoline results in the wasting of...Mercury is a toxic compound that is responsible for causing many defects in humans. The mercury...The air quality of the LA was poorest in the world in 1950. Steel and chemical industries, oil...The average weather conditions of a particular area or earth observed for at least the last 30 years...The Mississippi River is a vast basin that ends up in the Gulf of Mexico. It is a significant...The cradle-to-cradle design was designed by William McDonough, and this approach was first explored...Three scientific principles of sustainability that are used to make Portland, Oregon more...Germany’s feed-in tariff has triggered a shift to use renewable energy. This shift occurred because...The four examples in which colleges and universities are playing a leading role in shifting to more...The United States and China play a significant role in shifting the world to a more sustainable...

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Living in the Environment
18th Edition
ISBN: 9781133940135

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