EBK VISUAL ANATOMY & PHYSIOLOGY - 3rd Edition - by Petti - ISBN 9780134454658
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3rd Edition
ISBN: 9780134454658


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Chapter 2.4 - Organic CompoundsChapter 3 - Cellular Level Of OrganizationChapter 3.1 - Introduction To CellsChapter 3.2 - Structures And Function Of The NucleusChapter 3.3 - How Substances Enter And Leave The CellChapter 3.4 - Cell Life CycleChapter 4 - Tissue Level Of OrganizationChapter 4.1 - Epithelial TissueChapter 4.2 - Connective TissueChapter 4.3 - Muscle Tissue And Nervous TissueChapter 5 - The Integumentary SystemChapter 5.1 - Functional Anatomy Of The SkinChapter 5.2 - Accessory Structures Of The SkinChapter 6 - Bones And Bone StructureChapter 6.1 - Introduction To The Structure And Growth Of BonesChapter 6.2 - Physiology Of BonesChapter 7 - The SkeletonChapter 7.1 - Axial SkeletonChapter 7.2 - Appendicular SkeletonChapter 8 - JointsChapter 8.1 - Joint Structure And MovementChapter 8.2 - Axial And Appendicular JointsChapter 9 - Skeletal Muscle TissueChapter 9.1 - Functional Anatomy Of Skeletal Muscle TissueChapter 9.2 - Functional Properties Of Skeletal MuscleChapter 10 - The Muscular SystemChapter 10.1 - Functional Organization Of The Muscular SystemChapter 10.2 - Axial MusclesChapter 10.3 - Appendicular MusclesChapter 11 - Nervous TissueChapter 11.1 - Cellular Organization Of The Nervous SystemChapter 11.2 - NeurophysiologyChapter 12 - The Spinal Cord, Spinal Nerves, And Spinal ReflexesChapter 12.1 - Functional Organization Of The Spinal CordChapter 12.2 - Introduction To ReflexesChapter 13 - The Brain, Cranial Nerves, And Sensory And Motor PathwaysChapter 13.1 - Functional Anatomy Of The Brain And Cranial NervesChapter 13.2 - Sensory And Motor PathwaysChapter 14 - The Autonomic Nervous SystemChapter 14.1 - Functional Anatomy Of The Autonomic Nervous SystemChapter 14.2 - Autonomic Regulation And Control MechanismsChapter 15 - The Special SensesChapter 15.1 - Olfaction And GustationChapter 15.2 - VisionChapter 15.3 - Equilibrium And HearingChapter 16 - The Endocrine SystemChapter 16.1 - Hormones And Intercellular CommunicationChapter 16.2 - Hormones And System IntegrationChapter 17 - BloodChapter 17.1 - Plasma And Formed ElementsChapter 17.2 - Structure And Function Of Formed ElementsChapter 18 - The Heart And Cardiovascular FunctionChapter 18.1 - Structure Of The HeartChapter 18.2 - Cardiac CycleChapter 19 - Blood Vessels And CirculationChapter 19.1 - Functional Anatomy Of Blood VesselsChapter 19.2 - Coordination Of Cardiac Output And Blood FlowChapter 19.3 - Patterns Of Blood FlowChapter 20 - The Lymphatic System And ImmunityChapter 20.1 - Anatomy Of The Lymphatic SystemChapter 20.2 - Innate ImmunityChapter 20.3 - Adaptive ImmunityChapter 21 - The Respiratory SystemChapter 21.1 - Anatomy Of The Respiratory SystemChapter 21.2 - Respiratory PhysiologyChapter 22 - The Digestive SystemChapter 22.1 - Organization Of The Digestive SystemChapter 22.2 - Digestive TractChapter 22.3 - Accessory Digestive OrgansChapter 23 - Metabolism, Nutrition, And EnergeticsChapter 23.1 - Introduction To Cellular MetabolismChapter 23.2 - Digestion And Metabolism Of Organic NutrientsChapter 23.3 - Energetics And ThermoregulationChapter 24 - The Urinary SystemChapter 24.1 - Anatomy Of The Urinary SystemChapter 24.2 - Overview Of Renal PhysiologyChapter 24.3 - Urine Storage And EliminationChapter 25 - Fluid, Electrolyte, And Acid-base BalanceChapter 25.1 - Fluid And Electrolyte BalanceChapter 25.2 - Acid-base BalanceChapter 26 - The Reproductive SystemChapter 26.1 - Male Reproductive SystemChapter 26.2 - Female Reproductive SystemChapter 27 - Development And InheritanceChapter 27.1 - Overview Of DevelopmentChapter 27.2 - Genetics And Inheritance

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For courses in Two-Semester A&P. Using Art Effectively with the Most Visual Approach to A&P Visual Anatomy & Physiology combines a one-of-a-kind visual approach with a modular organization that uniquely meets the needs of today’s students—without sacrific

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In the given image, the fulcrum is present at the front, the load at the middle region, and the...Ependymal cells are one of the types of glial cells that are found in the central nervous system...The gray matter is the main constituent of the central nervous system (CNS). It is dominated by...The frontal lobe is one of the brain parts that regulates essential human cognitive abilities such...The sympathetic nervous system consists of many nerve cells that are found in the peripheral nervous...The retinal pigment epithelium or pigmented layer of the retina is found outside the neurosensory...In paracrine signaling, the effector molecules do not enter the blood stream like the endocrine...In the immune system, monocytes are one of the crucial white blood cells. Monocytes are amoeboid in...The heart produces the “lubb” and “dubb” sound due to the closure of the heart valves. The heart has...The internal carotid artery is sited in the neck (inner side). It originates from the common carotid...The antibody is made up of two parallel pairs of polypeptide chains linked into a Y shape. The arms...The body tissues must be constantly supplied with oxygen and carbon dioxide must be constantly...The gall bladder is a small accessory digestive organ that is present under the liver. The main...All chemical and physical variations that take place in the body tissues to maintain the living...The renal corpuscle is composed of two types of arteriole. These two types are the afferent...Metabolic acidosis is the condition when there is an accumulation of hydrogen ions inside the body...The expanded distal region of the ductus deferens is called ampulla. This region acts as a storage...Fertilization is the process of fusion of male and female gametes to form a zygote. The zygote then...

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