Economics: Private and Public Choice (MindTap Course List) - 16th Edition - by James D. Gwartney, Richard L. Stroup, Russell S. Sobel, David A. Macpherson - ISBN 9781305506725
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Economics: Private and Public Choice (M...
16th Edition
James D. Gwartney, Richard L. Stroup, Russell S. Sobel, David A. Macpherson
Publisher: Cengage Learning
ISBN: 9781305506725

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Chapter 11 - Fiscal Policy: The Keynesian View And Historical Development Of MacroeconomicsChapter 12 - Fiscal Policy, Incentives, And Secondary EffectsChapter 13 - Money And The Banking SystemChapter 14 - Modern Macroeconomics And Monetary PolicyChapter 15 - Macroeconomic Policy, Economic Stability, And The Federal DebtChapter 16 - Creating An Environment For Growth And ProsperityChapter 17 - Institutions, Policies, And Cross-country Differences In Income And GrowthChapter 18 - Gaining From International TradeChapter 19 - International Finance And The Foreign Exchange MarketChapter 20 - Consumer Choice And ElasticityChapter 21 - Costs And The Supply Of GoodsChapter 22 - Price Takers And The Competitive ProcessChapter 23 - Price-searcher Markets With Low Entry BarriersChapter 24 - Price-searcher Markets With High Entry BarriersChapter 25 - The Supply Of And Demand For Productive ResourcesChapter 26 - Earnings, Productivity, And The Job MarketChapter 27 - Investment, The Capital Market, And The Wealth Of NationsChapter 28 - Income Inequality And PovertyChapter ST1 - Government Spending And TaxationChapter ST2 - The Economics Of Social SecurityChapter ST3 - The Stock Market: Its Function, Performance, And Potential As As Investment OpportunityChapter ST4 - Keynes And Hayek: Contrasting Views On Sound Economics And The Role Of GovernmentChapter ST5 - The Great Recession Of 2008-2009: Causes And ResponseChapter ST6 - Lessons From The Great DepressionChapter ST7 - The Economics Of Health CareChapter ST8 - Earnings Differences Between Men And WomenChapter ST9 - Do Labor Unions Increase The Wages Of Workers?Chapter ST10 - The Question Of Resource ExhaustionChapter ST11 - Difficult Environmental Cases And The Role Of Government

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Explain how and why each of the following factors would influence current aggregate demand in the...What determines the equilibrium rate of output in the Keynesian model? Why did Keynes think the...Suppose that you are a member of the Council of Economic Advisers. The president has asked you to...What is meant by the statement This asset is illiquid? List some things you own and rank them from...Why do people hold money? How will an increase in the interest rate influence the amount of money...The chair of the Council of Economic Advisers has requested that you write a short paper explaining...How does economic growth influence the living standards of people? Does it really make much...Name five countries with a high income per capita. Why do you think the income is so high in these...Why do American households and businesses buy things from foreigners? What are the characteristics...If the dollar depreciates relative to the Japanese yen, how will this affect the dollar price of a...Suppose that, in an attempt to raise more revenue, Nowhere State University (NSU) increases its...The owners of a firm are residual income claimants. How does their property right to the residual...Farmers are often heard to complain about the high costs of machinery, labor, and fertilizer,...Price searchers can set the prices of their products. Does this mean that they will charge the...Barriers to entry are crucial to the existence of long-run profits, but they cannot guarantee the...The demand for resources is a derived demand. What is meant by that statement? Why is the employment...Why do some people earn higher wages than others? Why are wages in some occupations higher than in...How would the following changes influence the rate of interest in the United States? a. an increase...Do you think the current distribution of income in the United States is too unequal? Why or why not?...How do taxes influence the efficiency of resource use? How much does it cost for the government to...Is the Social Security system based on the same principles as private insurance? Why or why not?A friend just inherited 50,000. She informs you of her investment plans and asks for your advice. I...According to Keynes, when the economy is in a recession, increased government spending can bring the...Why did housing prices rise rapidly during 20022005? Why did the mortgage default rate increase so...“The Great Depression was caused by the 1929 stock market crash. The 1929 collapse of stock prices...How does the substitution of third-party payments by insurance companies and the government for the...Is employment discrimination the major cause of earnings differences between men and women?...*Suppose that Florida’s migrant workers are effectively unionized. What will be the effect of the...If the world were about to run out of a highly valued resource, what would happen to its price? How...The movie The Perfect Storm was set in a situation in which a very short fishing season forces the...

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