Elements Of Physical Chemistry - 7th Edition - by ATKINS,  P. W. (peter William), De Paula,  Julio - ISBN 9780198796701
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Elements Of Physical Chemistry
7th Edition
ATKINS, P. W. (peter William), De Paula, Julio
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 9780198796701

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Elements of Physical Chemistry has been carefully developed to help students increase their confidence when using physics and mathematics to answer fundamental questions about the structure of molecules, how chemical reactions take place, and why materials behave the way they do. Featuring an appealing design and layout, this acclaimed text provides extensive mathematical and pedagogical support while also remaining concise and accessible.

For the seventh edition, the material has been reorganized into short "Topics," which are grouped into thematic "Focuses" to make the text more digestible for students and more flexible for instructors. At the beginning of each Topic, three questions are posed, emphasizing why it is important, what the key idea is, and what students should already know.

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