ENGINEERING DESIGN PROCESS - 3rd Edition - by HAIK - ISBN 9781305253285
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3rd Edition
Publisher: CENGAGE L
ISBN: 9781305253285


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Clearly outline the engineering design process in five basic stages  -  requirements, product concept, solution concept, embodiment design, and detailed design  -  with ENGINEERING DESIGN PROCESS, 3E. The authors take a unique approach, distinctively describing how these five stages can be seamlessly integrated. The book illustrates how the design methods can work together coherently while supporting exercises and labs to help designers efficiently navigate the design process. The book leads the beginner designer from the basics of design with very simple tasks  -  the first lab involves designing a sandwich  -  all the way through more complex design needs. This effective approach to the design model equips students with the skills to apply engineering design concepts not only to conventional engineering problems, but also for other design problems.

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