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Engineering Mechanics: Dynamics 12th Edition

Engineering Mechanics: Dynamics - 12th Edition - by Russell C. Hibbeler - ISBN 9780136077916
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Engineering Mechanics: Dynamics
12th Edition
Russell C. Hibbeler
Publisher: Prentice Hall
ISBN: 9780136077916

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Book Details

"KEY BENEFIT : R.C. Hibbeler's text features a large variety of problem types from a broad range of engineering disciplines, stressing practical, realistic situations encountered in professional practice, varying levels of difficulty, and problems that involve solution by computer. KEY TOPICS : Maintaining the hallmark Hibbeler focus on problem-solving, visualization, and accuracy, this edition includes over 50% new problems, and new elements of Conceptual Problems, Fundamental Problems and MasteringEngineering, the most technologically advanced online tutorial system. MARKET : Ideal for civil and mechanical engineering professionals. "

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