Essentials of Biology (5th International Edition) - 5th Edition - by Sylvia S. Mader, Dr., Michael Windelspecht - ISBN 9781259660269
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Essentials of Biology (5th Internationa...
5th Edition
Sylvia S. Mader, Dr., Michael Windelspecht
Publisher: Mcgraw-Hill
ISBN: 9781259660269

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Essentials of Biology is an introductory biology text for non-major students that can be used in a one- or two-semester course. It was prepared to provide non-science majors with a fundamental understanding of the science of biology. The overall focus of this edition addresses the learning styles of modern students, and in the process, increases their understanding of the importance of science in their lives. It was prepared to engage today's students in the science of biology by providing a fundamental understanding of life. Digital resources and Connections boxes encourage the student to integrate scientific concepts into their lives. Essentials of Biology is fully integrated into McGraw-Hill's adaptive learning and Connect platforms, and is associated with a number of online assets that allow instructors to use this text as a content foundation for traditional, online, hybrid and" flipped" classrooms.

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Human beings have 23 pairs of chromosomes. During the process of mitosis, all the cells divides and...DNA acts as information storage molecules. It stores genetic information in its chemical structure....Insertion of a foreign DNA or gene has been done to develop a transgenic plant or genetically...Aneuploidy can lead to the development of various disorders, many of which may be fatal. The most...Natural selection promotes evolution due to the presence of variations among individuals. Variations...Genes are the units of heredity in organisms. When mutation takes place in genes, the genes alter...A new species is formed when a group of individual is separated from the other species for a long...Viruses are considered as a link between the living and non-living. They stay in inactive...There have been various factors that enabled plants to evolve from living in water to living in...The following are the common characteristics of all the animals: Multicellularity: All the animals...The organs of the plant include stem, roots, leaves, and its reproductive structures. All these...The asexual reproduction involves only a single parent. As the asexual reproduction does not involve...The various types of tissues are as follows: Epithelial tissue Connective tissue Muscular tissue...The blood is the main fluid connective tissue that is comprised of plasma, red blood cells and the...During the process of respiration, there is an exchange of gases. The mainly involved structures of...Carbohydrates and proteins are major components of food, along with fats. Digestion is defined as a...The primary immune response of the body occurs on its first exposure to a new pathogen. The immune...The main functions of the myelin sheath are shown in the below diagram.The sensory information is provided and maintained with the help of a composite set of sensorimotor...The zygote is produced by the fusion of the male and the female gametes. During the formation of the...Biotic potential is defined as the upper limit capability of any organism or individual of species...Climate refers to an essential environmental factor on ecosystems and community. The change in...Impact of human activities on water cycle could be drastic. Urbanization- with the increase in...

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