Exploring Economics - 8th Edition - by Robert L. Sexton - ISBN 9781544336329
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Exploring Economics
8th Edition
Robert L. Sexton
Publisher: SAGE Publications, Inc
ISBN: 9781544336329

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Relative comparison of two different people satisfaction is not possible. Two people consuming the...Costs associated with an action are the payments to be incurred in terms of time, money, etc. One...Fast food industry and clothing industry are most likely to be perfectly competitive because a...Mrs. K (an actress), DB Diamond Company and the only doctor in a small town, all these hold the...Soy market is a perfectly competitive market because there are large number of buyers and sellers,...In the United States, out of all the markets mentioned these three would be considered to be...Marginal product of labor is the change in total labor due to an addition of one more unit of labor....The massive influx of low skilled immigrants will affect income distribution because the unskilled...Given information: Total adult population =200 million The labor force =160 million Calculation for...The GDP refers to the price value of all finished goods and services produced within a country in a...The calculation for years taken to double the annual growth rate: By applying Rule 70, The number of...The share prices are likely to fall when consumers or businesses are pessimistic about economic...When the exports increases, it represents the increase in demand forgoods in the foreign market....An increase in the interest rate increases the monthly payments made to buy automobiles, furniture...Fiscal policy is similar to the monetary policy applied by central banks to maintain the flow of...There is a huge deficiency in the barter trade system. It creates hindrance in a proper or justified...The demand of the money in the economy builds when the interest rate lags the equilibrium interest...Government purchase is a part of aggregate demand. When there is an increase in the purchase by the...If Mr. B spends 8 hours fishing and he catches 4 fishes per hour, therefore, he will catch (4x8) =...Import of a B Car from Germany means outflow of US dollar from the USA to Germany. When money goes...

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