Financial Accounting - 10th Edition - by Weygandt, Jerry J.; Kieso, Donald E.; Kimmel, Paul D. - ISBN 9781119298229
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Financial Accounting
10th Edition
Weygandt, Jerry J.; Kieso, Donald E.; Kimmel, Paul D.
Publisher: WILEY
ISBN: 9781119298229

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More students get accounting when using Weygandt, Kimmel, Kieso, Financial Accounting, 10th Edition because of the unique Framework of Success created and refined by the authors based on years of teaching and course design experience. In WileyPLUS and in print, clear and relevant exposition, engaging visuals and videos, and valuable end-of-chapter material work together to build students’ confidence and mastery of accounting concepts and skills. The new 10th edition of Financial Accounting by Weygandt, Kimmel, and Kieso continues to provide students with a clear and comprehensive introduction to financial accounting and has been thoroughly updated with extensive digital resources to further enhance student learning and success.

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Financial Accounting, 10e WileyPLUS Registration Card + Loose-leaf Print Companion
10th Edition
ISBN: 9781119346661
10th Edition
ISBN: 9781119305750
3rd Edition
ISBN: 9781119491927
Financial Accounting, 10e WileyPLUS (next generation) + Loose-leaf
10th Edition
ISBN: 9781119491637

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