Finite Mathematics for the Managerial, Life, and Social Sciences - 12th Edition - by Soo T. Tan - ISBN 9781337405782
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Finite Mathematics for the Managerial, ...
12th Edition
Soo T. Tan
Publisher: Cengage Learning
ISBN: 9781337405782

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Chapter 2.3 - Systems Of Linear Equations And: Underdetermined And Overdetermined SystemsChapter 2.4 - MatricesChapter 2.5 - Multiplication Of MatricesChapter 2.6 - The Inverse Of A Square MatrixChapter 2.7 - Leontief Input-output ModelChapter 2.CRQ - Concept Review QuestionsChapter 2.CRE - Review ExcercisesChapter 2.BMO - Before Moving OnChapter 3.1 - Graphical Solution Of Linear Inequalities In Two VariablesChapter 3.2 - Linear Programming ProblemsChapter 3.3 - Graphical Solution Of Linear Programming ProblemsChapter 3.4 - Sensitivity AnalysisChapter 3.CRQ - Concept Review QuestionsChapter 3.CRE - Review ExcercisesChapter 3.BMO - Before Moving OnChapter 4.1 - The Simplex Method: Standard Maximization ProblemsChapter 4.2 - The Simplex Method: Standard Minimization ProblemsChapter 4.3 - The Simplex Method: Nonstandard ProblemsChapter 4.CRQ - Concept Review QuestionsChapter 4.CRE - Review ExcercisesChapter 4.BMO - Before Moving OnChapter 5.1 - Compound InterestChapter 5.2 - AnnutiesChapter 5.3 - Amortization And Sinking FundsChapter 5.4 - Arithmetic And Geometric ProgressionsChapter 5.CRQ - Concept Review QuestionsChapter 5.CRE - Review ExcercisesChapter 5.BMO - Before Moving OnChapter 6.1 - Sets And Set OperationsChapter 6.2 - The Number Of Elements In A Finite SetChapter 6.3 - The Multiplication PrincipleChapter 6.4 - Permutations And CombinationsChapter 6.CRQ - Concept Review QuestionsChapter 6.CRE - Review ExcercisesChapter 6.BMO - Before Moving OnChapter 7.1 - Experiments, Sample Spaces, And EventsChapter 7.2 - Definition Of ProbabilityChapter 7.3 - Rules Of ProbabilityChapter 7.4 - Use Of Counting Techniques In ProbabilityChapter 7.5 - Conditional Probability And Independent EventsChapter 7.6 - Bayes' TheoremChapter 7.CRQ - Concept Review QuestionsChapter 7.CRE - Review ExcercisesChapter 7.BMO - Before Moving OnChapter 8.1 - Distributions And Random VariablesChapter 8.2 - Expected ValueChapter 8.3 - Variance And Standard DeviationChapter 8.4 - The Binomial DistributionChapter 8.5 - The Normal DistributionChapter 8.6 - Applications Of The Normal DistributionChapter 8.CRQ - Concept Review QuestionsChapter 8.CRE - Review ExcercisesChapter 8.BMO - Before Moving OnChapter 9.1 - Markov ChainsChapter 9.2 - Regular Markov ChainsChapter 9.3 - Absorbing Markov ChainsChapter 9.4 - Game Theory And Strictly Determined GamesChapter 9.5 - Games With Mixed StrategiesChapter 9.CRQ - Concept Review QuestionsChapter 9.CRE - Review ExcercisesChapter 9.BMO - Before Moving OnChapter A.1 - Propositions And ConnectivesChapter A.2 - Truth TablesChapter A.3 - The Conditional And Biconditional ConnectivesChapter A.4 - Laws Of LogicChapter A.5 - ArgumentsChapter A.6 - Applications Of Logic To Switching NetworksChapter C - Review Of Logarithms

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Market-leading FINITE MATHEMATICS FOR THE MANAGERIAL, LIFE, AND SOCIAL SCIENCES, Eleventh Edition balances modern applications, solid pedagogy, and the latest technology to provide students the context they need to stay motivated in the course and interested in the material. Suitable for majors and non-majors alike, the text uses an intuitive approach that teaches concepts through examples drawn from real-life--particularly from students' fields of interest. In addition, insightful Portfolios highlight the careers of real people and discuss how they incorporate math into their daily professional activities. Numerous exercises ensure that students have a concrete understanding of concepts before advancing to the next topic. The text's pedagogical features coupled with an exciting array of supplements equip students with the tools they need to make the most of their study time and to succeed in the course.

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