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Fundamentals Of Financial Accounting With Annual Report 3rd Edition

Fundamentals Of Financial Accounting With Annual Report - 3rd Edition - by Fred Phillips, Robert Libby, Patricia Libby - ISBN 9780077344931
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Fundamentals Of Financial Accounting Wi...
3rd Edition
Fred Phillips, Robert Libby, Patricia Libby
Publisher: McGraw-Hill/Irwin
ISBN: 9780077344931

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Book Details

"Fundamentals of Financial Accounting, 1e", by Phillips/Libby/Libby presents an engaging, balanced, and appropriately paced analysis of the fundamentals of financial accounting. Its conversational writing style and selection of focus companies make it a real pleasure to read and learn about accounting, while also learning about the business activities of your students' favorite companies. Balance between preparer and user orientations is achieved throughout the entire book. Three of the first five chapters are focused inside the company on the accounting system, whereas the other two examine financial reporting from the perspective of decision makers outside the company. Thereafter, every chapter integrates these inside/outside perspectives by studying the accounting activities that take place inside the company and evaluating their impact on users outside the company. Topic coverage is paced appropriately for students new to accounting, and is reinforced at each step by self-study quizzes. Add to this the coaches who offer tips and other advice throughout each chapter, and you have the type of text that your students crave. "FFA" is simply the most student-friendly financial book on the market. Look throughout each chapter and you will soon see what is suggested by the image on the textbook's cover - the closer you look the more you'll understand.

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