Fundamentals of Nursing, 9e - 9th Edition - by Patricia A. Potter RN  MSN  PhD  FAAN, Anne Griffin Perry RN  EdD  FAAN, Patricia Stockert RN  BSN  MS  PhD, Amy Hall RN  BSN  MS  PhD  CNE - ISBN 9780323327404
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Fundamentals of Nursing, 9e
9th Edition
Patricia A. Potter RN MSN PhD FAAN, Anne Griffin Perry RN EdD FAAN, Patricia Stockert RN BSN MS PhD, Amy Hall RN BSN MS PhD CNE
Publisher: Elsevier Science
ISBN: 9780323327404

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It's your complete guide to nursing  -  from basic concepts to essential skills! Fundamentals of Nursing, 9th Edition prepares you to succeed as a nurse by providing a solid foundation in critical thinking, evidence-based practice, nursing theory, and safe clinical care in all settings. With illustrated, step-by-step guidelines, this book makes it easy to learn important skills and procedures. Care plans are presented within a nursing process framework, and case studies show how to apply concepts to nursing practice. From an expert author team led by Patricia Potter and Anne Griffin Perry, this bestselling nursing textbook helps you develop the understanding and clinical reasoning you need to provide excellent patient care.

  • 51 skills demonstrations provide illustrated, step-by-step instructions for safe nursing care  -  and include rationales for each step.
  • 29 procedural guidelines provide streamlined, step-by-step instructions for performing basic skills.
  • UNIQUE! Critical Thinking Models in each clinical chapter show how to apply the nursing process and critical thinking to achieve successful clinical outcomes.
  • Evidence-Based Practice chapter shows how nursing research helps in determining best practices.
  • UNIQUE! Caring for the Cancer Survivor chapter prepares nurses to care for cancer patients who may still face physical and emotional issues.
  • Case studies include unique clinical application questions and exercises, allowing you to practice using care plans and concept maps.
  • The 5-step nursing process provides a consistent framework for care, and is demonstrated in more than 20 care plans.
  • 15 review questions in every chapter test your retention of key concepts, with answers available in the book and on the Evolve companion website.
  • Practical study tools on Evolve include video clips of skills, skills checklists, printable key points, a fluid & electrolytes tutorial, a concept map creator, an audio glossary, and more.
  • UNIQUE! Clear, streamlined writing style makes complex material more approachable.
  • More than 20 concept maps show care planning for clients with multiple nursing diagnoses.
  • Key points and key terms in each chapter summarize important content for more efficient review and study.
  • Unexpected Outcomes and Related Interventions for each skill alert you to potential problems and appropriate nursing actions.
  • Delegation coverage clarifies which tasks can and cannot be delegated.
  • A glossary provides quick access to definitions for all key terms.
  • UPDATED! Patient Safety and Quality chapter describes how quality and safety apply to the nurse, and includes a new skill on fall prevention in healthcare settings.
  • NEW content addresses the Affordable Care Act, patients' perspectives on hospital care as measured by HCAHPS surveys, health disparities and vulnerable populations, compassion fatigue, pain assessment, patient education techniques like teach-back, new equipment, Healthy People 2020, and more.
  • NEW! Additional alternate-item review questions include at least four alternate-item questions  -  multiple select, sequencing/priority, delegation, hot-spot images, and fill-in-the blank for medications  -  for every chapter.
  • Expanded Building Competency boxes help you apply QSEN (Quality & Safety Education for Nurses) competencies to realistic clinical situations.
  • UPDATED! Unique Evidence-Based Practice boxes in every chapter include a PICO question  -  the Problem, Intervention, Comparison, and Outcome  -  and summarize a research study along with its application to nursing practice.
  • Over 100 NEW photos clarify procedures and familiarize you with the latest clinical equipment.

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Family structure and functions influence the life and health of an individual in the family. The...Justify the reasons for the correct statement: Animism is a psychological belief that non-living...The gonadotropin hormones are responsible for puberty. The timing of puberty may vary depending upon...The nurse should gather some basic information about the patient and review it before starting...The orientation status and the condition of the distraction of not being able to eat prompted to the...Since Mr.L had pulmonary embolus and continuing anticoagulant medication for it. Anticoagulant...The question asked by the staff nurse in the given situation is an open-ended type of question. This...A diagnostic statement that contains three parts of the nursing process is known as PES format. The...The goal which is stating that Mr.L will be using the relaxation technique after the process of...Healing of the incision depends upon the health condition of the patient and surgery type. Large and...In this case, the evaluation measures of Mr. L should follow is need to observe the surgical site...Mr. D is suffering from angina pectoris (chest pain). The staff nurse and RN.T and planned for a...The basic principles of health care in nursing practices include beneficence, nonmaleficence,...In general, the physicians what is performing the biopsy is responsible for providing informed...The nurse would approach Mr. S in a polite manner by sitting down in a chair by facing Mr. S. This...The clinical assessment by the nurse suggest that Mr. H is a visual learner, hence the nurse...The objective documentation describes the diseased condition of the patient, their vitals, and...The use of restraint to the patient should be justified according to the clinical purpose. The...The older patient needs a walker to avoid immobility because it causes serious side effects to the...The factors that are needed to include during an assessment of the wound for infection are as...Since Mr.Coburn diastolic blood pressure is null and he is having a high temperature, the nurse...Mrs. M had S3 gallop, the nurse provides explanation about gallop, which means an abnormal rhythm of...Before administering the drug morphine sulfate to the patient, person K should have a complete...The herbal supplements are natural based products which give beneficial effects for many conditions...The nurse should first ask her what she meant by being normal again. The nurse can assess that due...The assessment activities of the nurse to determine the sexual function of Mr. C is by asking...The person L had cancer and she has increasing hip pain and she continues in having fatigue. She...The nurse should develop a caring relationship with the patient and she should have a frequent...The patient who is recovering from the stress feels better and reports to the nurse good when the...The nurse should give an exercise schedule based on her cardiac pump effectiveness, her level of...The student nurse explains that she is suffering from skin sores and she is also diabetic. Using the...The nurse diagnosis includes that the impairment of the breathing is caused by pulmonary secretion...Loss of water as well as electrolytes occurs in case of diarrhoea and vomiting. An elderly, sick...On the basis of the report of Ms. J’s snoring given by her husband, one should collect the in-depth...Morphine is an analgesic drug belongs to the opioid family. It acts directly on the central nervous...Three points that should be included in the plan to assist Mrs. C to meet her nutritional needs in...Urinary incontinence is an embarrassing problem in which the urinary bladder lost its control. It...The essential physical factors to defecation and bowel function include sensory awareness of the...When the dressing is removed, the nurse should assess the dressing gauze for the amount of drainage...There are three common types of sensory alterations includes sensory deprivation, sensory deficits...Since Mrs.C received 5 mg of Morphine sulphate when she was in PCAU and 1 mg of morphine sulphate...

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