Fundamentals of Statistics (5th Edition) - 5th Edition - by Michael Sullivan III - ISBN 9780134508306
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Fundamentals of Statistics (5th Edition)
5th Edition
Michael Sullivan III
Publisher: PEARSON
ISBN: 9780134508306

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Chapter 2.3 - Graphical Misrepresentations Of DataChapter 3 - Numerically Summarizing DataChapter 3.1 - Measures Of Central TendencyChapter 3.2 - Measures Of DispersionChapter 3.3 - Measures Of Central Tendency And Dispersion From Grouped DataChapter 3.4 - Measures Of Position And OutliersChapter 3.5 - The Five-number Summary And BoxplotsChapter 4 - Describing The Relation Between Two VariablesChapter 4.1 - Scatter Diagrams And CorrelationChapter 4.2 - Least-squares RegressionChapter 4.3 - The Coefficient Of DeterminationChapter 4.4 - Contingency Tables And AssociationChapter 5 - ProbabilityChapter 5.1 - Probability RulesChapter 5.2 - The Addition Rule And ComplementsChapter 5.3 - Independence And The Multiplication RuleChapter 5.4 - Conditional Probability And The General Multiplication RuleChapter 5.5 - Counting TechniquesChapter 5.6 - Putting It Together: Which Method Do I Use?Chapter 6 - Discrete Probability DistributionsChapter 6.1 - Discrete Random VariablesChapter 6.2 - The Binomial Probability DistributionChapter 7 - The Normal Probability DistributionChapter 7.1 - Properties Of The Normal DistributionChapter 7.2 - Applications Of The Normal DistributionChapter 7.3 - Assessing NormalityChapter 7.4 - The Normal Approximation To The Binomial Probability DistributionChapter 8 - Sampling DistributionsChapter 8.1 - Distribution Of The Sample MeanChapter 8.2 - Distribution Of The Sample ProportionChapter 9 - Estimating The Value Of A ParameterChapter 9.1 - Estimating A Population ProportionChapter 9.2 - Estimating A Population MeanChapter 9.3 - Putting It Together: Which Procedure Do, I Use?Chapter 10 - Hypothesis Tests Regarding A ParameterChapter 10.1 - The Language Of Hypothesis TestingChapter 10.2 - Hypothesis Tests For A Population ProportionChapter 10.3 - Hypothesis Tests For A Population MeanChapter 10.4 - Putting It Together: Which Method Do I Use?Chapter 11 - Inferences On Two SamplesChapter 11.1 - Inference About Two Population ProportionsChapter 11.2 - Inference About Two Means: Dependent SamplesChapter 11.3 - Inference About Two Means: Independent SamplesChapter 11.4 - Putting It Together: Which Method Do I Use?Chapter 12 - Additional Inferential TechniquesChapter 12.1 - Goodness-of-fit TestChapter 12.2 - Tests For Independence And The Homogeneity Of ProportionsChapter 12.3 - Testing The Significance Of The Least-squares Regression ModelChapter 12.4 - Confidence And Prediction IntervalsChapter B.1 - LinesChapter B.2 - Estimating A Population Standard DeviationChapter B.3 - Hypothesis Tests For A Population Standard DeviationChapter B.4 - Inference About Two Population Proportions: Dependent SamplesChapter B.5 - Inference About Two Population Standard DeviationsChapter B.6 - Comparing Three Or More Means (one-way Analysis Of Variance)

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Helping today's students think statistically. Fundamentals of Statistics is the brief version of Statistics: Informed Decisions Using Data. With Fundamentals of Statistics, author and instructor Mike Sullivan III draws on his passion for statistics and teaching to provide the tools needed to see that statistics is connected, not only within individual concepts, but also in the world at large.  As a current introductory statistics instructor, Mike Sullivan pulls ideas and strategies used in his classroom into more than 350 new and updated exercises, over 100 new and updated examples, new Retain Your Knowledge problems, and Big Data problems. This practical text takes advantage of the latest statistical software, enabling you to focus on building conceptual understanding rather than memorizing formulas. All resources, including the Student Activity Workbook and Author in the Classroom videos were created for Mike's classroom to help you succeed and stay engaged.

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