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General Chemistry: The Essential Concepts 6th Edition

General Chemistry: The Essential Concepts - 6th Edition - by Raymond Chang, Chang Raymond, Jason Overby - ISBN 9780077354718
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General Chemistry: The Essential Concep...
6th Edition
Raymond Chang, Chang Raymond, Jason Overby
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Companies, The
ISBN: 9780077354718

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Book Details

This edition of General Chemistry continues the tradition of presenting only the material that is essential for a one-year general chemistry course. It strikes a balance between theory and application by incorporating real-world examples; helping students visualize the three-dimensional atomic and molecular structures that are the basis of chemical activity; and developing problem-solving and critical thinking skills.
Although the fifth edition incorporates many new features, such as macro to micro artwork, six new animations correlated to the text, and the addition of new hand-sketched worked examples, General Chemistry is still 200 to 300 pages shorter and much less expensive than other two-semester textbooks. Dr. Chang's concise-but-thorough approach will appeal to efficiency-minded instructors and value-conscious students.

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