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HOLE'S HUMAN...-ACCESS >CUSTOM< - 14th Edition - by SHIER - ISBN 9781259808012
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14th Edition
Publisher: MCG CUSTOM
ISBN: 9781259808012


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The ways in which joints are classified are the structural basis and the functional basis. They are...Connective tissue is a type of tissue that provides the structural support to other tissues and...1) Neurons: Neurons are specialized nerve cells that transmit nerve impulses. These are located in...The brain lies in the cranial cavity of the skull, while the spinal cord lies in the vertebral canal...The differences in-between general and special senses are: General Senses Special Senses These...The organs of endocrine system release chemical signal as hormones. A hormone is released by the...The volume of blood is affected by many factors. The blood volume is approximately 5 liters of blood...The heart is a muscular organ made up of cardiac muscles. It is responsible for pumping oxygenated...The lymphatic vessels have a structure, which is similar to that of the blood vessels. This...Digestive system involves the process of food breakdown with the help of digestive organ, so the...Biochemically, carbohydrates are known as the saccharides. There are four types of saccharides...Respiration is an activity of breathing which involves the inhaling of oxygen and exhaling or...The kidneys lie behind the peritoneum (retroperitoneally) in the abdomen on either side of the...The fluid balance and the electrolyte balance are interdependent in nature. The electrolyte balance...The sex cells of the males are known as sperms , whereas the sex cells of females are known as...The ova from the ovary is passed down to the fallopian tube, which is also known as the uterine...The DNA molecule is highly coiled and incorporated in the nucleus of the eukaryotic cells and in the...

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