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Human Anatomy - With DVD and Master. A & P Access 8th Edition

Human Anatomy - With DVD and Master. A & P Access - 8th Edition - by Martini - ISBN 9780133981254
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Human Anatomy - With DVD and Master. A ...
8th Edition
Publisher: PEARSON
ISBN: 9780133981254

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Explanation for the correct answer: Option (a) is given as calcium binds to troponin. The muscle...Spinalis muscles are linked to the vertebral column’s spinous processes. Of these two, spinalis...In general, rhomboid muscles are called rhomboids. These muscles are rhombus-shaped. Contracting the...The afferent division is a part of the PNS, which transfer sensory information obtained from the...The ventral root is also known as the anterior root. It is able to control the peripheral effectors...The first and second-order axon is arranged as a cross when it ascends across the spinal cord. This...The structures of the midsagittal section of the brain are labeled as below: Thalamus: It is a part...The preganglionic neurons are the first neurons. They have their cell bodies in the central nervous...The labeled diagram is given below: The structures shown in the given diagram are described below:...Hormones travel via the bloodstream to act on the specific target cell or tissue to carry out their...The structures of different cells are labeled as below: Basophil Lymphocyte Neutrophils Eosinophil...The contractile cells of the heart were known as myocytes which indicates their fundamental...Elastic arteries are large vessels, which are having the luminal diameter of up to 2.5 cm. They...Plasmocytes are the cells which basically generate the large volumes of antibodies. The B cells...The extrinsic musculature consists of one muscle that embeds into the laryngeal cartilage and the...Segmentation is defined as the process of contraction of circular muscles in the small intestine,...The term urination is also medically known as micturition. It depends on two spinal reflexes that...These cells produce androgens in males, which is responsible for developing primary as well as the...Corona radiata refers to the formation of cells by adhering to the oocyte before it exits the...

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