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Human Biology: Concepts and Current Issues (8th Edition) 8th Edition

Human Biology: Concepts and Current Issues (8th Edition) - 8th Edition - by Johnson - ISBN 9780134312729
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Human Biology: Concepts and Current Iss...
8th Edition
Publisher: PEARSON
ISBN: 9780134312729

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For courses in human biology   Explore Human Biology in Relation to Current Issues, in the Text and Online Through his teaching, his textbook, and his online blog, award-winning teacher Michael D. Johnson sparks interest in human biology by connecting bas

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Explanation: In the case of an infectious disease outbreak, travel restrictions and health screening...Explanation: Regulation of e-cigarettes has been a debatable topic. Initially, they were planned to...Explanation: New evidence has indicated toward potential long-term risks of repetitive head trauma....Explanation: Texting while driving is one such distraction, which is considered riskier because it...Explanation: Endocrine disruptors can be defined as exogenous agents, which interfere with the...Explanation: As per industry experts, the organic foods industry is growing at a rate of about 9%...Explanation: Certain organs like kidneys can be donated by living people as there are two kidneys...Explanation: The decision of determining the sex before the birth of the child depends on the...Explanation: Embryonic stem cells offer a very promising solution to a number of diseases and...Explanation: There are genetic tests available to find out if the BRCA gene in an individual is...Explanation: It is necessary to know the genes that a person carries if those genes can cause an...Explanation: GM crops are being planted nationwide now. There are some pros and cons of this...Explanation: In my state, Death with dignity law still is not approved. But with the help of local...Explanation: The prominent argument against accepting LB1 as another species was that the brain size...Explanation: A nation has full rights to use its territorial waters for any purpose like fishing,...Explanation: Carbon dioxide is one of the greenhouse gases and contributes to the greenhouse effect....

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