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Human Biology : Concepts and Current Issues - With Access 7th Edition

Human Biology : Concepts and Current Issues - With Access - 7th Edition - by Johnson - ISBN 9780321933904
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Human Biology : Concepts and Current Is...
7th Edition
Publisher: PEARSON
ISBN: 9780321933904

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Through his teaching, his textbook, and in his online blog, award-winning teacher Michael D. Johnson sparks the interest of today’s science-intimidated student by connecting basic biology to real-world issues relevant to students' own lives. Through a storytelling approach and extensive online support, Human Biology: Concepts and Current Issues, Seventh Edition not only demystifies how the human body works but drives students to become better consumers of health and science information. Each chapter opens with Johnson’s popular "Current Issue" essays, and BlogInFocus references within the chapter direct students to his frequently-updated online blog for breaking human biology-related news. Seventh Edition offers stronger student self-assessment tools with new and expanded critical thinking questions throughout each chapter and in the end-of-chapter reviews.

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Africa holds more than half of the world’s population of people who are affected by HIV (Human...Every person knows what is right and wrong for them. However, if their actions harm others, such...Use of safety helmets increased awareness among parents as well as coaches, better helmets,...Explanation: Texting while driving is one such distraction, which is considered riskier because it...Endocrine glands secrete chemical messengers (hormones) that are the mediators for various functions...An individual having BMI greater than 25 is considered to be overweight by the government. The...Certain organs such as kidneys can be donated by living people as there are two kidneys in a person...Explanation: The decision of determining the sex before the birth of the child depends on the...A clone refers to the exact copy of any type of the cell of the body. Studies showed that many types...Explanation: There are genetic tests available to find out if the BRCA gene in an individual is...Explanation: It is necessary to know the genes that a person carries if those genes can cause an...Explanation: GM crops are being planted nationwide now. There are some pros and cons of this...The person can show different type of will in order to protect itself from dying. A person can sign...Explanation: The prominent argument against accepting LB1 as another species was that the brain size...Bird flu is also considered as avian influenza. Bird flu usually affects the wild or domesticated...World economy is also considered as global economy. It is the monetary units of the account that is...

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