International Economics - 16th Edition - by Robert Carbaugh - ISBN 9781305887633
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International Economics
16th Edition
Robert Carbaugh
Publisher: Cengage Learning
ISBN: 9781305887633

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Now in its 16th edition, this proven, market-leading book is a favorite among readers for its clear, concise treatment of international trade and finance theory. INTERNATIONAL ECONOMICS uses a wealth of contemporary examples and practical applications to vividly demonstrate the relevance of theory to real-world economic issues and policy questions. The author presents discussions both verbally and graphically, making the book understandable even for readers with little economics background. This edition reflects the latest economic issues, from deindustrialization and declining oil prices to foreign exchange market rigging and deflation and the Eurozone. As delighted readers have already discovered, "If it’s clear, concise, and contemporary, it has to be Carbaugh!"

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