Introductory Algebra for College Students (7th Edition) - 7th Edition - by Robert F. Blitzer - ISBN 9780134178059
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Introductory Algebra for College Studen...
7th Edition
Robert F. Blitzer
Publisher: PEARSON
ISBN: 9780134178059

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Chapter 2.1 - The Addition Property Of EqualityChapter 2.2 - The Multiplication Property Of EqualityChapter 2.3 - Solving Linear EquationsChapter 2.4 - Formulas And PercentsChapter 2.5 - An Introduction To Problems SolvingChapter 2.6 - Problem Solving In GeometryChapter 2.7 - Solving Linear InequalitiesChapter 3 - Linear Equations And Inequalities In Two VariablesChapter 3.1 - Graphing Linear Equations In Two VariablesChapter 3.2 - Graphing Linear Equations Using InterceptsChapter 3.3 - SlopeChapter 3.4 - The Slope-intercept Form Of The Equations Of A LineChapter 3.5 - The Point-slope Form Of The Equations Of A LineChapter 3.6 - Linear Inequalities In Two VariablesChapter 4 - Systems Of Linear Equations And InequalitiesChapter 4.1 - Solving System Of Linear Equations By GraphingChapter 4.2 - Solving Systems Of Linear Equations By The Substitution MethodChapter 4.3 - Solving Systems Of Linear Equations By The Addition MethodChapter 4.4 - Problem Solving Using Systems Of EquationsChapter 4.5 - Systems Of Linear EquationsChapter 5 - Exponents And PolynomialsChapter 5.1 - Adding And Subtracting PolynomialsChapter 5.2 - Multiplying PolynomialsChapter 5.3 - Special ProductsChapter 5.4 - Polynomial In Several VariablesChapter 5.5 - Dividing PolynomialsChapter 5.6 - Dividing Polynomials By BinomialsChapter 5.7 - Negative Exponents And Scientific NotationChapter 6 - Factoring PolynomialsChapter 6.1 - The Greatest Common Factor And Factoring By GroupingChapter 6.2 - Factoring Trinomials Whose Leading Coefficient Is 1Chapter 6.3 - Factoring Trinomials Whose Leading Coefficient Is Not 1Chapter 6.4 - Factoring Special FormsChapter 6.5 - A General Factoring StrategyChapter 6.6 - Solving Quadratic Equations By FactoringChapter 7 - Rational ExpressionsChapter 7.1 - Rational Expressions And Their SimplificationChapter 7.2 - Multiplying And Dividing Rational ExpressionsChapter 7.3 - Adding And Subtracting Rational Expressions With The Same DenominatorsChapter 7.4 - Adding And Subtracting Rational Expressions With Different DenominatorsChapter 7.5 - Complex Rational ExpressionsChapter 7.6 - Solving Rational EquationsChapter 7.7 - Applications Using Rational Equations And ProportionsChapter 7.8 - Modeling Using VariationChapter 8 - Roots And RadicalsChapter 8.1 - Finding RootsChapter 8.2 - Multiplying And Dividing RadicalsChapter 8.3 - Operations With RadicalsChapter 8.4 - Rationalizing The DenominatorChapter 8.5 - Radical EquationsChapter 8.6 - Rational ExponentsChapter 9 - Quadratic Equations And Introduction To FunctionsChapter 9.1 - Solving Quadratic Equations By The Square Root PropertyChapter 9.2 - Solving Quadratic Equations By Completing The SquareChapter 9.3 - The Quadratic FormulaChapter 9.4 - Imaginary Numbers As Solutions Of Quadratic EquationsChapter 9.5 - Graphs Of Quadratic EquationsChapter 9.6 - Introduction To FunctionsChapter A - Mean, Median, And Mode

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Bob Blitzer's use of realistic applications instantly piques students' curiosity about the presence of mathematical concepts in the world around them. These applications are apparent throughout the entire program–from his relatable examples, friendly writing style, and thought-provoking features in the textbook, to the enhanced digital resources in the MyMathLab course. Blitzer pulls from topics that are relevant to college students, often from pop culture and everyday life, to ensure that students will actually use their learning resources to achieve success. With an expansion of the series to now include a Developmental Math "all-in-one" text  (with content spanning prealgebra through intermediate algebra), and with an enhanced media program accompanying this revision, developmental students at all levels will see how math applies to their daily lives and culture.

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