Loose Leaf For Essentials Of Understanding Psychol Format: Loose-leaf - 13th Edition - by FELDMAN - ISBN 9781260194616
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Loose Leaf For Essentials Of Understand...
13th Edition
Publisher: Mcgraw Hill Publishers
ISBN: 9781260194616

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Chapter 11 - Perceptual Organization: Constructing Our View Of The WorldChapter 12 - Sleep And DreamsChapter 13 - Hypnosis And MeditationChapter 14 - Drug Use: The Highs And Lows Of ConsciousnessChapter 15 - Classical ConditioningChapter 16 - Operant ConditioningChapter 17 - Cognitive Approaches To LearningChapter 18 - The Foundations Of MemoryChapter 19 - Recalling Long-term MemoriesChapter 20 - Forgetting: When Memory FailsChapter 21 - ThinkingChapter 22 - LanguageChapter 23 - IntelligenceChapter 24 - Explaining MotivationChapter 25 - Human Needs And Motivation: Eat, Drink, And Be DaringChapter 26 - Understanding Emotional ExperiencesChapter 27 - Nature And Nurture: The Enduring Developmental IssueChapter 28 - Infancy And ChildhoodChapter 29 - Adolescence: Becoming An AdultChapter 30 - AdulthoodChapter 31 - Psychodynamic Approaches To PersonalityChapter 32 - Trait, Learning, Biological And Evolutionary, And Humanistic Approaches To PersonalityChapter 33 - Assessing Personality: Determining What Makes Us DistinctiveChapter 34 - Stress And CopingChapter 35 - Psychological Aspects Of Illness And Well-beingChapter 36 - Promoting Health And WellnessChapter 37 - Normal Versus Abnormal: Making The DistinctionChapter 38 - The Major Psychological DisordersChapter 39 - Psychological Disorders In PerspectiveChapter 40 - Psychotherapy: Psychodynamic, Behavioral, And Cognitive Approaches To TreatmentChapter 41 - Psychotherapy: Humanistic, Interpersonal, And Group Approaches To TreatmentChapter 42 - Biomedical Therapy: Biological Approaches To TreatmentChapter 43 - Attitudes And Social CognitionChapter 44 - Social Influence And GroupsChapter 45 - Prejudice And DiscriminationChapter 46 - Positive And Negative Social BehaviorChapter E - Diversity, Culture, Conflict, Andcooperation

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External auditory canal is a tube-like structure that connects the outer ear and middle ear. The...a. Closure- 3. Groupings are made in terms of complete figures. The tendency of humans to organize...Consciousness is a state of mind that involves subjective awareness of the individual and the...Hypnosis is considered as a social interaction in which one individual recommends to another subject...The drugs that are able to change the consciousness of the individual are known as psychoactive or...The process of gaining information and behaviors through experience is called learning. Humans,...The two main forms of conditioning are classical and operant conditioning. Classical conditioning is...Cognition is a process of acquiring and understanding the knowledge through experience and thoughts....1. Long-term memory- b. Stores information on a relatively permanent basis Long-term memory is a...In the given case, Person E was with a group of friends at a dance and bumps into a man that she...Decay is the process of loss of information in memory through nonuse. Anything learned long time...Mental images can be defined as the representations of an object or event formed in a person’s mind....1. Syntax- a. Rules showing how words can be combined into sentences: Grammar is the set of rules...IQ also known as intelligence quotient is the measure of intelligence that takes into account the...The ultimate force that makes a person to take action or to initiate a behavior is referred as...1. Hypothalamus: b. Responsible for monitoring food intake In the brain, hypothalamus is the central...There are different types of cognitive processes namely- cognitive processes based on the sensation...Developmental psychologists studies about the changes and growth throughout the life of a person....When the infants see a stimulus, they usually pay attention to it and it causes an increase in their...The period in which the sexual organs maturation takes place is called puberty. For girls, the...People experience a midlife transition in the middle adulthood. People start to question about their...There are number of approaches to personality. The psychodynamic approaches to personality give...According to Allport, there are three fundamental categories of trait. Cardinal trait, central...The psychological tests should have reliability and validity. The consistency of the psychological...Stress is a biological response to a stressor such as environmental conditions, threat, challenge,...Type A people are the individuals who live at a high stress level. They are more impatient,...Reason for the correct answer. Option c. is given as “Ineffective communication between physician...Reasons for the correct answer. Option d. is given as “All of the above are correct”. According to...Reason for the correct answers: Option (b) is given as “phobic disorder”. A phobic disorder is a...The fifth edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorder(DSM-5) is an attempt...1. Psychiatrist:c. MD trained in abnormal behavior Psychiatrist is a physician who is a Doctor of...1. Group therapy:b. “I want you all to take turns talking about why you decided to come and what you...Schizophrenia is a mental disorder which is characterized by abnormal social behavior and inability...Attitude is an important concept of social psychology. It is the evaluation of objects, people,...A social supporter is person who gives a response that agrees with the dissenting viewpoint....A set of general beliefs and expectations (positive or negative) about a specific group and its...There are some factors that attract two people to each other, which are suggested by social...Culture consists of the beliefs, learned behaviors, and attitudes that are the features of an...

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