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Loose Leaf For Fundamentals Of Financial Accounting 6th Edition

Loose Leaf For Fundamentals Of Financial Accounting - 6th Edition - by Phillips Associate Professor, Fred, Libby, Robert, Patricia - ISBN 9781260159547
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Loose Leaf For Fundamentals Of Financia...
6th Edition
Phillips Associate Professor, Fred, Libby, Robert, Patricia
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Education
ISBN: 9781260159547

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Book Details

Fundamentals of Financial Accounting combines an engaging writing style, entrepreneurial focus, and data-driven pedagogy in a balanced approach to Financial Accounting. Its extended coverage of the Accounting Cycle is proven to yield better short- and long-term results for students by building steadily their confidence and understanding instead of hastily rushing through challenging concepts.

To better help students grasp both the practical and conceptual side of Accounting, Phillips has created the most extensive database of high-quality video assets available in the market. Located within the Connect platform, these include:
  • Concept Overview Videos - Focusing on core concepts tied to individual learning objectives, this animated and narrated content includes checkpoint questions that allow instructors to grade for accuracy, not just completion.
  • Spotlight Videos - Newsmagazine-style videos providing an overview of business decisions, ethics, and internal control issues that highlight real-world situations.
  • Flash Topic Videos - An introduction to hot topics in the accounting industry to expose students to important trends that will impact their careers.
  • In Action Videos - Tutorials that illustrate thought processes applicable to topics like analyzing  transactions, adjusting accounts, and more.
  • Guided Examples - Instructor-enabled hint videos that are built into certain end-of-chapter content to help students work through exercises by seeing similar problems.

Each chapter features real companies whose products and services are relevant to students, while the Accounting Cycle chapters follow the same start-up company to better illustrate how entrepreneurs employ financial data throughout their company’s growth. Between the conversational tone, clear and concise presentations, and everyday examples, Fundamentals of Financial Accounting improves the student experience while maintaining the needed rigor to deliver successful results.

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