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Managerial Accounting 4th Edition

Managerial Accounting - 4th Edition - by TIETZ - ISBN 9780133428513
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Managerial Accounting
4th Edition
Publisher: YUZU
ISBN: 9780133428513

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Management accountant regularly faces ethical challenges. Therefore, to help managers in dealing...Explanation: Online ordering system: Online ordering system involves taking up orders online using...Explanation: Online ordering system: Online ordering system involves taking up orders online using...Explanation: Managerial accounting: Managerial accounting is also known as management accounting. It...Explanation: There are basically three types of companies: a. Service companies are an incorrect...Explanation: Job costing: It is a process which is used by the companies to identify the costs...Explanation: Cost distortion occurs when some products or jobs are overcosted while others are...Explanation: a. It is well suited for the company whose products are indistinguishable from each...Explanation: Variable cost is the cost which incurs for every unit of volume produced. Total...Explanation: Contribution Margin: Contribution margin is the excess of sales revenue after deducting...Explanation: Relevant Information Relevant Information is the information which is useful for the...Explanation: a. Strategic planning: This option is not right as strategic planning is long-term...Explanation: Decentralization means delegation of decision-making authority and responsibility to...Explanation: Flexible Budget – This budget is based on the assumptions about the future using a...a. A standard is a budget for one unit for one unit is the correct option because standard cost is...Explanation: a. Accounting rate of return is calculated on the basis of operating profit earned on...Explanation: a. Investing activities: This option is incorrect as the investing activities are not...Explanation: The methods of analyzing company’s performance by analyzing financial performance are:...Explanation: Any company can maintain the sustainability in the long run with the three pillars of...

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